1. Should choose the service of a quality company or choose the service of a cheap company?

Perhaps establishing a company or establishing an enterprise for many people is not a difficult task because just goes online and typing "founding a company" or "establishing a business" there are hundreds of law firms are willing to sell their service to establish companies with super cheap prices from 490k to 990k VNĐ. The question is why do consultancy firms and law firms race to lower the cost of establishing a business? Sometimes they accept to work for free when offering service set up company with 0 price? Why?

(*) For us this is explained as follows:

Firstly, from the psychology of customers always want to "CHEAP-QUALITY" - so cheap advertising will attract more attention from customers, pull them to the office and can provide service that is cheap or not as cheap as advertised.

Second, corporate clients are always considered as top clients of law firms. - An enterprise customer often needs to use a variety of legal services after opening a company. Therefore, companies often give away profit from establishment service to look forward to selling other services at higher prices.

Whatever the cause, the "marketplace" of establishment of a company or an enterprise in big cities is always very busy and sometimes in this market, there is no need of a lawyer, a legal consultant, but you just need to know how to type, can put the print job on file is possible. And the existence of this activity took place over the past 10 years as an indispensable part of the Vietnamese administration. And customers have two options: cheap service or choose reputable, professional and high-priced consulting.

Minh Khue Law Firm is not on the list of companies that sell cheap legal consulting services so many clients when hearing the price of services often say "Why it's so high! I see some places that provide the service with the price is 600k or 300K VNĐ??? ". We would like to explain the reasons for providing business establishment services higher market prices:

+ We do not compete on price with the dumping unit to attract customers in the market. Service fees are based on the quality of the attorney's business.

+ The service of establishing the company at a higher price than the common ground aims to eliminate the customers who do not belong to the criteria of Minh Khue Law Firm. For an individual, the business start-up criteria for choosing the consulting unit with the lowest price to use are: Young Vietnamese (under 23), non-professional individuals...

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The legal benefits highlighted when using service of Minh Khue Law Firm:

- Provide comprehensive solutions for enterprises when deciding on the company.

- The quality of business lawyers is always ensured;

- Attractive legal consultancy after-sales policy;

2. Contents of the consultancy on the establishment of the enterprise/Establishment of the company:

- Consultancy on choosing the forms of enterprise: According to the Law on Enterprise 2014, some popular enterprises such as joint stock companies, multi-member limited liability companies, one member limited liability companies, sole proprietorship... Each type of enterprise suits a different business. Minh Khue Law Firm supports customers in choosing the type of business suitable for their particular business.

- Along with choosing the right type of enterprise, Minh Khue Law advises in detail and assists clients in selecting the appropriate legal information such as:

+ Name selection advice for businesses/Name of business: Business name (trade name of trademark), if not properly selected, will face many risks such as changing name in It is a trademark dispute or is not consistent with the branding strategy of the company;

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+ Advising on the location of the business where the head office is located or the address of the branch/representative office/busines location of the business;

+ Consultancy on selection of business lines, including: selection of conditional business fields; select the main business field ... and other special business fields according to the law of the enterprise.

+ Consulting the construction of the company's operating mechanism: Based on the scale and specific mode of operation of each type of enterprise, the Minh Khue Law Firm advises to build the operating mechanism of the enterprise including the title of the company: The chairman of the board of management/chairman of the association; General Director/Director/Legal Representative; Accountant of the company ... and other titles in accordance with the law of enterprises.

+ Consultancy to build the charter of the enterprise: The charter of the enterprise is considered "private law" for each enterprise, building the charter of the enterprise according to the actual situation and business needs of the enterprise is an important basis building and developing a business as well as limiting future internal disputes.

+ Charter capital/Legal capital: Based on capital contribution capacity of the founding shareholders/founders - Professional lawyers of the enterprise will provide specific advice on the level of charter capital or legal capital in accordance with current provisions of law;

3. Documents to be provided by customers to establish an enterprise include:
- Authenticated copy of identification card (or passport) of founding shareholders/founding members of the proposed enterprise;

- A certified copy of the practicing certificate in case the client chooses a conditional business;

And other related information according to the request information provided by law Minh Khue sent customers.

The service charge for setting up the domestic package company of Minh Khue Law Firm, which is valid from January 1 to December 31, 2004, is VND 4,400,000 (in words: four million four hundred thousand Vietnamese dongs), % VAT and state fees included. The above price level can be adjusted according to each specific content such as: Registration of conditional business lines, business fields required legal capital ...

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4. Regarding the process of establishment of the company:

To set up a business in accordance with the law of enterprises as well as actual business activities, Minh Khue Law Firm recommends clients to take the following key steps:

Step 1: Consulting lawyers answer all problems of clients before, during and after the establishment of enterprises and sign legal services contracts (consultancy establishment of enterprises);

Step 2: Receipt of information and records provided by the customer;

Step 3: Prepare the dossier for the establishment of the enterprise to be transferred to the contracted client;

Step 4: Employees of Minh Khue Law Firm shall register the establishment with competent state agencies;

Step 5: Hand over the original business license/seal specimen certificate and the legal seal to the customer.

5. Legal consultancy services after the establishment of an enterprise.
The difference between Minh Khue Law Firm and other law firms providing services in the same field is "We provide legal services synchronously" for businesses after they are established, including:

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- Legal counseling services regularly: After the establishment of the business, an enterprise needs to conduct a variety of legal transactions, the need to use lawyers regularly to handle the legal work arises. Minh Khue Law always handles all problems arising to the enterprise after going into practice.

- Lawyer services for registration of protection and development of trademarks: Building a prestigious brand name in the market is one of the competitive advantages cannot be ignored. Developing and registering trademarks is one of the strengths we bring to our customers.

- Consultancy for the development of regulations for enterprises: When the size of the enterprise is expanded, the operating regulation/executive management regulation will be the mechanism to help enterprises develop quickly and sustainably. Save on management costs incurred. With experience in consulting for large enterprises/corporations of Vietnam, Minh Khue Law provides customers with excellent internal management consulting services.

- Lawyer represent to handle disputes for businesses: Disputes arising with clients/partners or between direct competitors are unavoidable in a market economy. Minh Khue Law Firm is always willing to represent and participate in resolving to the same dispute arising in the business activities of the enterprise and other obstacles as required by the enterprise.

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