1. Classification of exclusive services:

After research the business field of clients who are active in the field of advertising, development strategies in the coming years and studying the legal documents on intellectual property, we recommend clients to register the trademark in the field of advertising for the following specific services/domains:

Class 35: Advertising; Leasing advertising media; Rental of advertising space; Holding exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; Business research; Market research.

Class 41: Entertainment Services (410004); Providing recreation facilities (410014); Production of radio and television programs (410026); Entertainment on television (410031); Club services [entertainment or education] (410043); Entertainment Information (410064).

Class 42: Website rental service; Create and maintain a website for others; Hosting site on the computer (website); Internet search engine offering; Computer system design; Computer software leasing.

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2. Service fee and state fee:

2.1 Consultancy fee:

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Include: Preliminary search fee and registration fee for trademark protection

+ The preliminary search fee for registration of trademark protection is 500,000 VND / 01 group

Note: Only products that can be registered for protection of consultancy units will be registered for exclusive protection under the provisions of the NOIP. The results are evaluated by experts of the Department of Intellectual Property (Not the result of consultancy units provided). Trademarks that are unlikely to be registered will send a specific control report to the customer.

The fee for consultancy services for the performance of the above registered activities is included in the package:

VND 2,000,000 / for the first group of products and services.
VND 1,500,000 / for products/services from the second group onwards.
Therefore, if you only registered a group, the total service fee is 2,000,000 VND + 500,000 VND = 2,500,000 VND (Two million five hundred thousand dongs). From the second group onwards, the additional fee will be 1,500,000 VND/ 1 group.
2.2 State fees:
- State fee: 660.000 VND / 01 group / 06 products and services.
- The seventh product of each group will be 114.000 VND per 01 item added.
- The total state fee, in this case, is 660,000 x 2 groups = VND 1,320,000 (In words: One million three hundred and twenty thousand)
(State fee paid by the customer under the NOIP's receipt of fees).
3. Procedure
Necessary documents clients need to provide:
In order for us to complete the trademark application for your trademark, you will need to provide us with the following specific documents and information:
- Trademark sample that clients want to register for protection (01 group)
- Information about the applicant, address, telephone number, email.
Note: All information about the address, telephone number, email of the owner mentioned above should be 100% accurate. Official documents of the Department and other notices will be forwarded according to the above information.
Application Process of the NOIP:
a) Examination of the form:
It is the assessment of the validity of the application in terms of formality requirements, exclusion subjects, the right to file an application, etc., from which to conclude the application is valid or invalid. Formal examination time is 1 month from the filing date.
b) Announcement of valid applications:
An application for registration of a validly accepted mark shall be published in the Official Gazette within two months from the date of acceptance of the valid application. The content of the application for registration of a trademark shall be the information relating to the valid application as stated in the notice of acceptance of the valid application, the mark form and the list of goods and services enclosed.
c) Examination of the contents:
The application for registration of a mark which has been recognized as valid shall be subject to substantive examination in order to assess the possibility of granting the certificate of registration of the mark to the object stated in the application under the protection conditions.
The time limit for substantive examination of trademark applications is 9 months from the date of publication of the application.
4. Scope of works conducted by Minh Khue Law Firm
- Providing advice to customers about the benefits when registering protection, procedures and time to protect the protection.
- Prepare the file, description of the trademark filed with the NOIP
- Follow up and respond to official dispatches if necessary
- Check with the experts in the Department before registering to get the best recommendations when registering for protection.
- Protect the interests of customers, consultants protection of customers during the process of appraisal until the protection title.

Translated from: Dịch vụ đăng ký bảo hộ nhãn hiệu độc quyền lĩnh vực quảng cáo

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