You want to register a logo but you are wondering if you should register personal logo or register your company logo? Is it more convenient to register a personal logo or company logo? Which logo registration will save time and cost?
The owner logo registration for the company or personal logo on the process and procedures are the same, the time and documents of the settlement are the same, regardless of the form of registration, the rights and obligations to the logo is the same, client can change from personal logo to company logo or vice versa. Therefore, the client can feel secure when registering their logo or registering a business logo.
However, choosing the form of company or personal logo protection registration will depend on the type of business of the client. If clients do business in the form of individuals, they should register the logo for individuals, and for the logo owner operating under the type of enterprises, they should register to protect the logo for the company for the convenience of business sales and service provision.
Minh Khue Law Firm provides clients with the service of registering logos for the company as well as registering logos for individuals with the motto: Prestige - Quality - Fast - Savings.
Đăng ký logo cho cá nhân, công ty - Dịch vụ đăng ký logo cho cá nhân, công ty

1. Documents, procedures for registering logos for individuals and companies

1.1. Logo registration dossier
Whether for registering a logo for a company or registering a logo for an individual, the logo registration must include the following documents:
- Registration form according to the application form issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology;
- Sample logo intended to register;
- Documents to pay fees and charges;
- If you apply through a representative, you must provide an additional power of attorney or authorization letter;
- Papers and documents proving the priority and registration rights (if any).
1.2. Logo registration procedure
In order to be able to register for logo protection (including logo registration for the company as well as personal logo registration), it is necessary to proceed through the following basic steps:
Step 1: Design and create logos
This is the first important step that needs to be made when registering a logo, of course, only when you have a logo can you register protection for the logo. You need to create a logo to suit the product or service you plan to sign up for. Why should you create a new logo? Because if you don't create a new logo, the logo you intend to sign up will be identical, or confusing, with other logos already registered and protected before. At this time, your logo will not be eligible for protection registration at a competent state agency.
Step 2: Select a group of products or services intended to attach the logo
You need to prepare a list of groups of products or services that you want to register to facilitate registration as well as the next steps.
Step 3: Evaluate the possibility of registering a logo before applying
This step, as required by law, is not required to be performed when registering a logo but individuals or businesses should do so to check the information of other previously registered / protected logos to increase their ability of registering successfully the logo, saving time and money for modifying and adding logo if there is a overlap, similarity, or confusion of the logo you intend to register.
Step 4: Prepare documents and apply for registration of logo
After taking the previous steps, you should complete early the papers and documents that are on file to be protected as soon as possible.
Under the provisions of Vietnamese law as well as international treaties to which Vietnam is a member, at the present time, the registration of logo protection applies the principle of priority, meaning, the first owner apply the application for protection registration will be protected first (if at the same time another entity also registers to protect the logo) when the conditions prescribed by law are met.
Therefore, if you have prepared enough documents to register the logo, you should apply at a competent state agency as soon as possible.
Currently, the only authority authorized to process with your title of protection is: Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property
Step 5: Track progress and receive results
After applying for logo registration, the most important thing that you need to do is to monitor the progress of the application regularly, because during the formality examination, content verification of the application for logo registration, you may need to modify or add some papers or have any problems, you will have to do it as quickly as possible to save yourself time and cost.
At the same time, monitoring the progress of the application will help you receive notice of the grant of the earliest Protection Title.

2. Logo registration service for individuals and companies of Minh Khue Law

Minh Khue Law Firm provides the service of registering logos for individuals as well as registering logos for the company with consulting and performing the following tasks:
Issues we advise:
- Advise all legal issues related to the registration of logos in accordance with current law;
- Advising and guiding customers on how to search logos, conditions for logos to be granted protection titles;
- Advice and guide clients to prepare documents in the logo registration dossier as prescribed;
- Advise and guide clients on how to submit dossiers at competent state agencies, points of interest when submitting applications;
- Advise clients to track the progress of the application and amend and supplement the application upon request of the specialist;
- Advising and guiding clients on how to handle violations of competent subjects (if any);
- Consultation on receiving protection titles and other legal issues arising after receiving the Protection Title.
The work that we perform when clients use the logo registration service:
- Logo search, evaluate the possibility of successful logo registration;
- Prepare and complete the logo registration dossier for clients;
- Representing clients to carry out administrative procedures at competent state agencies: submitting dossiers, paying fees and charges for logo registration and receiving results;
- Representing clients to track records and solve all problems that may arise in the process of filing dossiers;
- Notify clients when receiving the protection title, and hand over the protection title to clients.

3. Benefits of using the service of registering personal logos and companies of Minh Khue Law

When customers use the service of registering a personal logo, Minh Khue's corporate logo, clients will receive the following benefits:
- Quality assurance service and prestige together with a team of experienced lawyers, consultants, knowledgeable in the field of logo protection registration.
- Performing full service - no extra charge for any cost. Clients only need to provide the Power of Attorney, the Logo sample that intended to register for us, the team of Lawyers of Intellectual Property Department will implement the remaining issues for customers.
- Save time for clients.
- Reasonable cost, suitable for all customers.
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- Call the hotline: 0986.386.648 to connect to the Intellectual Property Department to request advice and quote services;
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