This Decree regulates two forms of E-commerce such as the sales e-commerce website and website providing e-commerce services (including E-commerce trading floor; online auction website; online promotion website; other types of website stipulated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade). The traders, organizations or individuals setting up their sales E-commerce websites must inform the Ministry of Industry and Trade through the online announcement tool on the Management Portal of E-commerce activities. The traders or organizations conducting online registration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the set-up of E-commerce service provision websites after these websites have been completed with all structure, features and information under the service provision Plan, and operated at the domain name address registered and before these websites officially provide the users with services.

Also in this Decree, the Government regulates prohibited acts in e-commerce activities such as organizing marketing and business network for the e-commerce services; taking advantage of e-commerce to carry on business of counterfeit, goods or services; taking advantage of the name of e-commerce operation

Providing e-commerce services or certification, evaluation and monitoring services in e-commerce; providing e-commerce services or certification, evaluation and monitoring services in e-commerce; there are fraudulent acts or providing false information when performing the procedures for notification of setting up e-commerce website, other violation of transaction on e-commerce website or violation of information on e-commerce website.

This Decree shall take effect on July 1, 2013 and supersedes the Decree No. 57/2006/ND-CP dated June 9, 2006.


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