At the same time ICP license is also a tool for the state to manage information, restrict illegal or out of control information.

The content of works carried out by our lawyers

- Evaluate the possibility of applying for the license to set up the website of your request. If the website is not eligible to be licensed, we will counsel the plan to ensure the ability to be licensed;

- Elaborate a scheme for the establishment of websites;
- Drafting the application and relevant documents to complete the dossier in accordance with the provisions of law;
- Representatives of customers submit dossiers and monitor the process of receiving, examining and evaluating the competent agencies;
- The representative of the transaction with the agency or organization involved in the application for a license.
Procedure to conduct the work:

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1. Minh Khue Law Firm will counsel clients:
- Laws related to the procedures for applying for the establishment of websites;
- Consultancy on website setting conditions;
- Consultancy of documentation required to prepare for the application for a license;
- Counseling the method of building contents of the website establishment plan;
2. Minh Khue Law Firm completed the application file for registration of website:
- The application for the establishment license;
- Website creation scheme;
- Complete the declaration and related procedures;
3. The content of works:
- Represent client to carry out procedures for applying for licenses;
- Represent client to monitor the dossier, reply of the competent state agency;
- Get the license to set up the website;
- Complaints about refusal to grant certificates (if any);
4. Documents clients need to provide:
- 03 Confirmation of domain name registration;
- 03 Copy of the decision on the establishment of the agency, organization or enterprise notarized by the competent authority;

- 03 CV of the person in charge of the content of the information and the members in charge of the information supply and with certification of the managing agency; to have photos and certified by a competent state agency;

- 03 Main page print and main categories;

5. Information that clients need to provide:

- The purpose of setting up the website of your company;

- Type of information provided;
- Scope of information provision;
- Website content;
- Main categories and details of the news site;
- Information resource;
- Servers of the news site;
- Information processing techniques;
- Frequency of update information;
- Human resources: There must be a competent person responsible for the contents of the information, a list of persons responsible for editing the website, providing full information on permanent residence, current residence, contact address.
- Having information management (listed);

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