1. Land law consulting service via Hotline

The consulting service on the land law via Hotline reqires the consulting lawyers to have a deep knowledge in land, property and housing. This is one of the fields with many disputes in society.

With a team of professional and experienced lawyers, legal professional, Minh Khue Law Firm is the perfect choice for you to trust on in the filed of online legal consulting service.

With an extremely simple action which is to contact our Hotline 1900.6162 , extention number 4 for Land law consulting service, the lawyers can connect and discuss directly with our experienced lawyers and legal professionals.

Hotline 1900.6162 of Minh Khue Law Firm is available all weekdays. Addtionally, to discuss directly to our famous lawyers or high qualified legal consultants, please contact us from 08 AM to 09 PM on all weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays for our legal support.

We’ll give consulting services in the field of land law, housing law and law on real eastate sales. The specific areas include:

- Consultancy on procedures and processes to applying for land use rights certificate for the first time

- Procedures for the house, real eastate sales and transfer

- Procedures for the house authorization and donation

- Procedures for contract as well as the land house and real eastate leasing

- Procedures for inheritance dispute settlement and land – house division

- Procedures for business operations in the field of real estate;

- Give consultancy and represent the cliences to solve the land dispute at court

- And the relevant legal consulting services as requested by the clientss.

Legal benefits of the consulting service:

- To save time and legal consulting cost. In the age of digital technology and information technology development, you do not face any obstacle in interaction with our lawyers. Thanks for this service, we release all distance between the clients and Minh Khue Law Firm. Whereever you are in, you can discuss directly with our lawyers via consultancy hotline to same time and travelling cost.

- To use reputable and high quality legal services. We will immediately give you high quality answers after getting your legal situation. Certainly, when the dispute arises, almost clients can’t sleep for several days. Why don’t you contact us quickly to get the most prestigious and highly reliable answers?

- To develop the legal consulting service for public purpose:

One of the most important objectives of Minh Khue Law Firm is develop this service. We not only provide normal consulting services but also help Vietnamese people have a friendly view of the legality. We graciously provide legal services as a doctor taking care people’s health – Spirit steng is the decisive factor for our correct action and understanding. We make a small contribution to prevent conflicts that may arise out of control in case of disputes.

1. Free legal consulting service via email:

In order to best fulfil the clients’requirements over all the country, Minh Khue Law Firm always supplies free legal consulting services and support. We give the legal consulting services in all fields in life such as: Consultany on civil law, criminal law, marriage and family law, land law and disputes. With an extremely simple action, the clients only have to send their questions to email: luatsu@luatminhkhue.vn. All questions will be clarified by our team of reputable and experienced lawyers within 7- 15 working days. This service is free of charge.

The clients can also send online questions directly on our website system. At the end of each article, you just click on the box “Ask question here) and fill out all the required information as the attached illustration.

Advantages of the free legal consulting service via email

- Simple and easy procedures to all people;

- Rapid interaction between the clients and lawyers;

- Low cost, maximum saving time;

- For all clients at every where

Disdvantages of the free legal consulting service via email

- Because of one-way interaction, it is difficult for the lawyers and clients to understand complex legal issues;

-Many interations are needed for only one question to satisfy the clients;

- So many questions per day

Some notes of free legal consulting service via email

To ensure the quality of our consultancy services and facilicate our interaction, please help us take note of some followings:

+ Questions must be in accented Vietnamese.

+ Questions must have clear content (We won’t answer the unclear, ambiguous, general questions)

+ Your personal informations will be kept strictly confidential, namely: name; phone number; email address; personal address. The questions will be used for the purposes of propaganda and popularization of legal education and posted directly on the website system so that the clients can read directly. To order to keep your personal information confidentical, you should write your name or address in abreaviation form: For example 1: I want to sue An Binh Co., ltd at 11 , Khuong Ha Street, Hanoi city. You should mention: I want to sue AB company in Hanoi. As for sensitive information, the clients require the lawyers to edit or delete that information.

In addition, to ensure 24/7 connection between the clients and our lawyers, Minh Khue Law Firm also provide the online legal consulting services via Hotline: 1900.6162 .

2. Charged legal consulting services and service charge via email:

Every day we receive 200-300 questions with different contents and complexity from the clients over the country. We are committed to answer all the questions from clientss or send the documents of the same legal situation for the clients’ reference. However, in fact many clients want to pay service charge for the most detailed, specific, accurate and fastest answers. They want to draft documents and contract and so on for actual use.

To meet this requirement, Minh Khue Law Firm officially supplies the charged legal consulting services from 01/08/2015 as follows. (This services is not substituted by the free service)




(199.000 VNĐ/01 queston)


(500.000 VNĐ/1 question, incl. document draft)


From 7 to 15 working days

From 1 to 2 working days

Only 1 working day


Only for reference

Have actual application value

Have actual application value

Quality of consulting lawyers

Lawyers with less than two years experience

Lawyers with two to five years experience

Lawyers with over five years experience

(The above charges excludes 10 VAT if the clients want us to to issue VAT invoces)

Payment methods:

In an extremely simple manner, the clients can use internet banking to make payments to Minh Khue Law Firm or you can pay via Ví Ngân Lượng services. The payment methods are suggesteds and specifically instructed if you select our charged services. For all payment problems, please discuss directly with our service staffs via 043-9916057, we are always ready to support the clients 24/7.

Warranty policy and after-sales service

This is one of the new legal services Minh Khue Law Firm supplies in Vietnam’s law market. We commit to:

- Supply high quality legal services to the clients

- Thoughful and professional attitude service;

- The clients’ benefit is the first priority our service policy;

- Commit to refund the service charge if the clients complain the quality (Please submit your claim directly to Mr. Le Minh Truong, executive lawyer via Email: lienhe@luatminhkhue.vn for quickly and in time settlement).

Translated from: vấn pháp luật đất đai trực tuyến qua tổng đài điện thoại