Minh Khue Law Company Limited provides clients with legal services of criminal legal consultancy on Crime of Deliberate infliction of bodily harm upon another person (Crime of Deliberate infliction of bodily harm) regarding the conditions for the prosecution of criminal liability, penalties level, penalties frame, civil liability and other relevant legal issues to serve clients.

- Online consultation of legal issues related to how to determine age must be criminally responsible for Deliberate infliction of bodily harm;

- Consult online law on the behavior of the person who committed the crime, the behavior of the victim, thereby giving objective judgments related to the case;

- Advice on the causes and direct legal consequences arising from the offenders' acts to determine the conditions for making crimes of Deliberate infliction of bodily harm according to provisions of law;

- Consult the regulations of the law on the statute of limitations for a criminal prosecution, the settlement for the case had expired for criminal prosecution against Crime of Deliberate infliction of bodily harm;

- Advice on the stages of resolving a criminal case on Crime Deliberate infliction of bodily harm, corresponding to each competent state agency according to each stage of the case, the tasks to be done correspond to each segment;

- Instruct customers on how to write petitions to competent state agencies to get bail, replace preventive measures or applications to the side of the victim to confirm to collect extenuating circumstances criminal liability in accordance with law;

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- Legal advice in cases of not meeting the conditions for constituting Crime of Deliberate infliction of bodily harm will be sanctioned for administrative violations according to what sanction levels? Agency competent to sanction administrative violations, processes and procedures for sanctioning of administrative violations, the time of administrative penalties as prescribed by law;

- Consult and explain the provisions of the law on legal consequences that may occur after being sanctioned for administrative violations, not yet cleared the record but continue to violate;

- The consultant provides appropriate solutions and methods for each act that is sanctioned for administrative violations or examined for penal liability in accordance with current law;

- Guiding and clarifying the provisions of the current law so that clients can be aware of their behavior, or of their friends and relatives, and learn lessons.

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- Consult the provisions of the Criminal Code to determine the penalty frame, the highest penalty level, the lightest penalty corresponding to each specific behavior of each person committing the offense;

- Advice on how to determine the injury rate, body injury rate to determine the penalty;

- Consulting, analyzing clearly the aggravating circumstances for setting penalties, aggravating criminal liability, circumstances determined to extenuate criminal liability, change the penalty frame according to the provisions of law;

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- Advice on cases of Deliberate infliction of bodily harm to be considered recidivism, a partner in crime, or organized crime, ... to confirm determine the penalty frame that may be enforced;

- Advising on conditions to be able to get suspended sentence , or entitled to a penalty of non-custodial reform;

- Providing legal advice on penalties in cases of co-offender, preparing to commit crimes, committing crimes not yet completing or committing crimes in case of using strong stimulants, alcohol and beer ;

- Advice on penalties after voluntarily compensating, overcoming consequences, compensating for damage to the victims and the families of the victims.

Online legal counsel on Crime of Deliberate infliction of bodily harm

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In addition to consulting the above-mentioned matters, Minh Khue Law Firm also advises you in case the client or relative of the client is a victim or a person who is knowledgeable about the act of intentional injury in order and procedures for informing and denouncing crimes according to provisions of law, of which:

- Advice on how to write, how to articulate the contents of the complaints to commit, prepare documents and evidence attached to define the complaint is accurate, strictly in accordance with law ;

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- Advise on the time of filing a complaint, where to file, to submit directly or indirectly to the competent state authority, the advantages and disadvantages, the issues when filing a complaint at the agency competent state;

- Advising on the process of informing and handling complaints of competent state agencies in accordance with the provisions of law;

- Guiding clients in drafting complaints to handle the administrative acts mistakes or decisions of administrative violations by competent entities (if any) in the process of settling the criminal case that customers have accused;

- Advice and orientation, specify the handling directions in each specific case of the client to select an option that suits the desires and aspirations of clients but still ensure the provisions of law;

- Advice on liability for compensation, compensation level, firstly is the method, how to agree on compensation between the parties, if not agreed, then according to the law, the competent state agencies are required to settle.

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In addition, customers can also send criminal legal advice via email: [email protected] for inquiries.

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