Have you completed the sentence according to the Court's judgment? Are you having some intention like working abroad, traveling or getting married or settling abroad? Are you wondering if you are eligible? What do you need to do to remove of criminal records in accordance with the law? Please contact the legal consultancy hotline 1900.6162 to be consulted and answered specifically by Minh Khue's lawyers.

1. Why is it necessary to remove criminal records?

Carrying out the procedure for criminal records removal is now necessary and important, if you do not perform the procedure to remove criminal records in accordance with the law, you will encounter many disadvantages in life, as well as work.

Because, if you do not carry out the procedure to delete criminal records, then in your judicial record card when you apply for a judicial record card to go abroad, adopt a child or need to perform other tasks according to regulations of law, This is also the reason why you do not meet the requirements of going abroad to settle or adopt children, even if you cannot marry foreigners according to the specific regulations of each country where your spouse is residing and citizenship.

Besides, if you continue to commit a crime, you will be identified as a person who has a criminal record, and is also considered a recidivism or dangerous recidivism, possibly one of the circumstances that aggravate criminal liability in some specific crimes, then you will be at a disadvantage, it is difficult to get the lowest penalty in the corresponding penalty frame for the crime.

The removal of criminal records will save your time and costs, so you need to understand the provisions of the law on removing criminal records so that as soon as you are eligible to delete criminal records, you have to can complete the documents and documents in the application for criminal record removal according to regulations, competent state agencies will conduct the update of information for you in accordance with the order and procedures prescribed by law, ensuring rights and objective benefits of the case. Only those who have been removed to be considered criminal records who have not been convicted.

When you have any concerns regarding the removal of criminal records, please contact the hotline 1900.6162 lawyer of Minh Khue law firm will advise and answer online legal regulations for clients with the following specific issues:

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- Detailed consultation, explanation and analysis of the provisions of the current law on conditions for criminal record removal that are specifically applied in the case of clients;

- Advising on the provisions of the current law on how to determine the time to qualify for criminal record removal ;

- Consultants identify cases of natural removal and the cases of having a decision to remove criminal records from the competent People's Court according to the provisions of law;

- Advising on the provisions of the law on the removal of criminal records in some special cases, such as being established, certified by agencies or organizations, or local authorities, and proposing state agencies have the authority to conduct removal before the time limit prescribed by law;

- Advising on the provisions of the law on records, order and procedures when carrying out criminal record removal in case it is automatically deleted criminal records, in case of remission of criminal records under court decisions;

- Advice on how to determine the competent authorities to remove criminal records and the competent People's Court in case of the removal of criminal records under court decisions;

- Advice on the advantages and disadvantages of each method of filing a request for competent state agencies through direct and indirect submission through a representative third party or by post or express delivery;

- Advise on the time to certify the removal of criminal records from the time of submitting the dossiers of application for remission of criminal records according to law provisions;

- Consulting and answering issues of legal consequences before and after the criminal record has been removed in accordance with the law.

Online legal counsel on criminal records removal and procedures for criminal records removal

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Free online criminal law counsel, call: 1900.6162

To be able to carry out the removal of criminal records quickly, accurately and effectively, the important step is to complete and prepare the dossier in accordance with the law. In particular, depending on different cases, the main penalties and additional penalties, the application for removal of criminal records is different. Therefore, corresponding to specific cases of clients, lawyers will provide corresponding legal advice.

Through consulting hotline 1900.6162, the lawyer will advise you on the following issues:

- Advice on the preparation of papers and documents in the record of criminal record removal when the criminal record is removed in the case of natural removal of criminal records or in case of the removal of criminal records under the Court's decision;

- Advise and instruct clients how to write a request for the removal of criminal records according to regulations;

- Instruct clients about the documents to be brought to the competent state agencies to confirm such as to the People's Committee, police agencies at district, town and provincial cities to confirm the client not to commit new offenses from the time when the penalty is completely executed, to comply with the Party's and the State's policies and guidelines, to comply with the provisions of law, ...;

- Advice on the confirmation of the Court, the judgment enforcement agency, the victim, the person with related rights and obligations on the completion of the obligation to pay court fees and obligation to pay damages, civil compensation in criminal cases as prescribed;

- Legal advice on the process, time for competent state agencies to consider and solve the issue of criminal record removal as prescribed;

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- Consult the issues to be noted in practice when implementing procedures to remove criminal records, how to apply, receive results of removing criminal records according to regulations;

- Guiding clients to prepare documents to apply for judicial record cards for the purpose of certification after their criminal records have been removed, the Judicial Records Data Management Authority has updated the sentenced persons' information who be entitled to removal of criminal records according to regulations;

- Consulting and answering all other problems in accordance with the law according to each customer's requirements.

In fact, there are many ways for clients to connect to lawyers for advice on removing criminal records, procedures and records of criminal record remission such as coming to the lawyer's office for advice, request an appointment to see a lawyer outside the law office, consult online via the call center, send an email asking for advice, send questions or request via social networking sites like facebook, youtube of law firm, office law or attorneys for advice, ...

- One of the ways to connect with consultant, online legal advice is an effective and suitable solution for all people, consulting service in all regions of the country, anywhere, anytime, you can connect with lawyers quickly and economically.

- Despite being an online legal consultant, clients are still connected to experienced lawyers and legal consultants, who are highly specialized in criminal matters, and commit to bring to clients the most satisfied with the quality of consulting services through switchboards.

- The online legal advice will help clients do not need to travel many times, costly, clients just need to stay at their location can also contact lawyers because this is a private online consultation service via telephone.

- Savings, getting specific solutions quickly, negligible costs, when clients connect to Minh Khue Law Firm's lawyer through consulting call center, we do not limit your consulting time, though advice more or less, simple or complicated problems, the lawyers will still give you the most thorough and accurate advice without you having to transfer or pay any fees to private lawyers. Clients only have to pay for the network fee, which is immediately informed from the greeting and instructions when the clients connects to the lawyer.

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- Consultation via call center, clients may not need to disclose the exact information about the name, age, permanent address, other information about personalities if the client does not want to provide the lawyer, and even if the customer provides information, including personal information and call information, the client's case, then the Minh Khue law firm is committed to protecting your information.

With the above-mentioned benefits, clients can be completely confident and assured when using online legal consulting services. Call now 1900.6162 for advice on your legal problems!

Look forward to the cooperation of customers!

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Criminal law consulting department - Minh Khue Law Company

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