Online Legal Advice: Currently, terms such as: online lawyer consultancy; online lawyer's office; Online lawyers, online law firms, online law firms have come to life naturally, and people are getting used to it and accepting it as a language extension as well as an extension of the way law firms are working.

We live in a world that is more and more flat with the rapid development of communication technology and the internet. Digitalization and information technology applications are not just about high-tech industries, but even with traditional services such as legal advice, information technology are applied more effective than expected. Typical of that application is the online law consultancy of law firms and law offices.

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Online legal consultancy is a legal advisory service that provides its clients with direct access through applications based on network technology such as Chatting or Voice IP with Internet Broadband lines, etc. Although was born in Vietnam just recently, it has become an increasingly important legal advisory channel because of the superiority and advantages that it brings to clients, especially with businesses and investors. Any business or individual wants to quickly aware of the policies and regulations of the law relating to the operation of their business. In order to solve this problem, businesses seek law firms and law office to provide information for consultations. But a contradiction is that they do not always have the time to directly contact the law firm, with lawyers.

In addition, sometimes there are very small legal knowledge obstacles but companies and investors must arrange a meeting with the law firm. This, in turn, limits their limited time. Because of that, online legal counsel was born as a natural part of the need for social life. The emergence of this breakthrough form has expanded beyond the legal profession. Currently terms like: online attorney consultancy; online lawyer's office; online lawyers, online law firms, online law firms. The term day came naturally in life and people got used to it and accepted it as a linguistic extension, as well as expanded the way the operations of law firms and law office.

As follows:

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Legal advice online has been applied in many countries around the world and this new form has appeared in Vietnam in the past few years and has initially promoted the utility and practical effects. As a consulting company always apply new things into the career process, Minh Khue Law Firm proud to be one of the pioneering consulting companies in providing legal solutions online. With a team of professional legal counsel online we are responsible for providing comprehensive services in the field of consultancy services: online business consulting, online trading consultancy, investment consulting online, online intellectual property consultancy and other consulting services that individuals and businesses are interested in.

If you do not have much time, you have a computer connected to the Internet and you are in need of consultation with the lawyer, just a click that you have directly connected directly with lawyers and legal consultants online of Minh Khue Law Firm. We always try to improve the effectiveness of online legal counseling system with the desire to connect and come closer to clients in the efficiency and utility that we can network.

We always understand that "the world is connected" and every connection brings certain values. We are ready to connect with you through the online consultation system on all days of the week with a professional service. To consult our online lawyers at our website, Our online legal advice system is ready to serve you.

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