Minh Khue Law Firm gives consultancy on the legal issues that individuals and families are involved in or plann to participate in transaction, contract:

1 / Administrative procedures:

1.1 Administrative Procedures at Industry and Trade Department;

1.2 Administrative Procedures at Transport Department;

1.3 Administrative Procedures at Planning and Investment Department;

1.4 Administrative Procedures at Labour, War invalids and Social Affairs Department;

1.5 Administrative Procedures at Education and Training Department;

1.6 Administrative Procedures at Construction Department;

1.7 Administrative Procedures at Home Affairs Department;

1.8 Administrative Procedures at Health Department;

1.9 Administrative Procedures at Justice Department;

And other administrative procedures.

2 / Consultancy on establishment - protection - termination of the clients’ property ownership rights

2.1 Establishment of property ownership:

- Establishment of ownership rights by an agreement (sale, donation, exchange)

- Establishment of ownership rights to property acquired from labor, legal business and production activities

- Establishment of ownership rights in case of processing

- Establishment of ownership rights to buried or sunk objects

- Establishment of ownership rights to objects, which have been let drop on the ground or left over out of inadvertence by other persons

- Establishment of ownership rights from inheritance

And other cases

2.2 - Termination of the ownership rights

- Transfer by owners of ownership rights to other persons

- Property to which another person has established ownership rights

- Disposal of property to fulfill the obligations of owners

- Destroyed property

- Confiscated property

2.3 Protection of the ownership rights

- The right to reclaim property

- The right to reclaim movable property (Not register, register)

- The right to claim damages;

2.4 Other regulations on Ownership rights

- Ownership rights to boundary markers separating immovable properties

- The right to request the repair or removal of adjoining immovable property

- The right to install electricity transmission wires and communication wires through adjoining immovable property

- The right regarding the water supply and drainage through adjoining immovable property

3/ Consultancy on civl contract

3.1 Property sale contract

3.2 Property exchange contract

3.3 Property donation contract

3.4 Property exchange contract

3.5 Property loan contract

3.6 Property lease contract

3.7 Property bailment contract

3.8 contract for service, transportation, processing, mandate, insurance and so on.

4/ Consultancy on damage compensation:

4.1 Damage caused by infringement upon property

4.2 Damage caused by infringement upon health, life

4.3 Damage caused by infringement upon honor, dignity or prestige

4.4 Damage caused by employees or apprentices

4.5 Damage caused by houses or other construction works

4.6 Damage caused by cars, motorcycles, special purpose vehicles, power transmission systems, industrial plants, wild animals and other sources of extreme danger;
And other damages

5/ Legal consultancy on inheritance:

- Inheritance rights

- Rights of estate manager

- Inheritance of land use rights

- The right to refuse the estate

- Person not entitled to receive estate

- The statute of limitations on inheritance;

- Estate for worship

And other regulations

6/ Legal consultancy on land use right transfer

- Lontract for land use right transfer

- Contracts for land use right lease

- Contracts for land use right sublease

- Contracts for land use right mortgage

- Contracts for land use right donation

- Contracts for capital contribution with the land use right value

7/ Consultancy on Marriage and Family Law:

7.1 Marriage: Marriage condition, marriage forbiden case, request for marriage annulment;

7.2 The spouse’s properties:

- On behalf of each other to implement several civil transactions;

- Be responsible for those transactions;

- Common property of spouses;

- Property disposition;

- Common property division during the marriage;

And other regulations (Adoption, support, determination of fathers, mothers, children)

7.3 Divorce

- Property division upon divorce

- Responsible for child raising upon divorce

And other relevant regulations


Minh Khue Law Firm is willing to handle the issues in the following fields:

1. Civil disputes

1.1 Dispute over land use rights

1.2 Inheritance dispute;

1.3 Contractual dispute;

1.4 Dispute over marriage and family;

1.5 Dispute over intellectual property rights;

1.6 Claim for damage compensation.

2. Economic Disputes

2.1 Dispute over business and trading

2.2 Contractual dispute

2.3 Dispute over property lending, guarantee, mortage and so on

3. Administrative disputes, labor disputes

3.1 To sanction against administrative violations (Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax Value Added Tax...);

3.2 Request to make the administrative decision;

3.3 To dismiss, compensate for damages, labor accidents and so on

4.Criminal cases:

4.1 The clients are individuals getting involved in the proceedings such as civil plaintiffs, civil defendants and individuals with related rights and obligations or victims.

4.2 Main private lawyer services:

- Evaluation and preliminary assessment of winning a lawsuit;

- Evaluation and assessment of evidence, evidence collection;

- Document preparation and submission

- Appoint the lawyers to study the documents and evidence, make proposals and requests, litigate in courts at all levels (Preliminary hearing and Appeal trial);

- Appoint the lawyers to prepare documents and protect the rights.

4.4. Appoint the defense lawyer for the following subjects:

- The defense lawyer for a criminal custody;

- The defense lawyer for the plaintiff during the investigation period;

- The defense lawyer for the plaintiff in the prosecution stage;

- The defense lawyer for the plaintiff in the preliminary hearing

- The defense lawyer for the plaintiff in the apppeal trial

III- Authorized representative

Minh Khue law firm wishes to be authorized representatives of individuals-households to implement the following:

- Authorized representative of dispute settlement;

- Authorized representative of conciliation;

- Authorized representative to negotiate the civil transactions;

- Authorized representative to settle the complaints and iniciate lawsuits

Translated from: Dịch vụ luật riêng cho nhân