Registering a logo in the form of registration of copyright protection is when the author or the owner of the work himself / herself registering or through a representative unit to carry out procedures at a competent state agency for registration of protection in the form of applied artwork.
First of all, it is necessary to determine that the "logo" is just a common word used in practice, the true nature of the logo is a trademark, and almost every company, individual, organization logo protection in the form of registration for exclusive trademark protection. But for some reason, there are some companies that do not register for the protection of the exclusive trademark but register for the protection of the company logo in the form of copyright.
Therefore, the registration of company logo copyright protection is the company (the legal representative of the company or the authorized entity in the company) proceeding to register for the protection of the copyright on the logo in the competent agencies to protect their legal rights and interests. This is one of the promotional forms, one of the strategic ways to develop a famous brand or a famous brand that is well known.
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Registering copyright for a company logo brings a lot of benefits to the company - the owner of the logo, although these benefits are not visible, noticeable right before the eyes but it is an invisible value forever. Specifically:
- Copyright registration of the company logo is a basis for that company to publish the company's logo in the most public and official way for customers, consumers and partners of company, contributing to the development and increase profit of the company;
- Protected by the integrity of the company logo, other entities are not allowed to repair, mutilate / misrepresent the logo in any form that influences the author's rights, interests, honor and reputation / logo owner;
- The owner of the company logo has the right to distribute, allow other entities to copy works, lease, transfer ownership, transfer the right to use the company logo to other individuals, agencies and organizations as the agreement of the parties;
- Company logo after copyright registration will prevent all acts of infringement, be trusted by people and absolutely protected by state authorities.
In fact, in order to achieve the best performance, protect the most legitimate rights and interests of owners, customers should register to protect the logo in the form of registration for exclusive trademark protection. Customers can refer to: Instructions on how to apply for an exclusive company logo
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Lawyer: Le Minh Truong - Guidance on benefits when registering logo protection

Minh Khue Law Firm guides clients on the process and procedures for copyright registration of the company logo in the form of copyright registration for applied artworks in accordance with the Intellectual Property Law and guiding documents, specifically as follows:
Step 1: Select the company logo that you intend to register for copyright
In this step, the client should choose a company logo that is intended to be copyrighted, and should also consider whether to choose the most suitable logo that can be registered as an exclusive trademark afterward in order to be most beneficial to the client's company, the registration logo needs to be creative, not copied with other works or other logos that have been registered for protection before.
Step 2: Prepare a file to register the copyright of the company logo
This is an extremely important step in the process of copyright registration of the company logo, the owner of the logo needs to complete accurately and fully the information in the declaration as well as submit with all other documents in order to successfully register copyright protection for the company logo. Application file for copyright protection company logo includes:
- Declaration (Application) for copyright registration according to the national application form;
- A copy of the business registration certificate of the company registering the copyright of the company logo;
- Identity card / Identifying citizen / passport valid of the legal representative of the company (notarized or certified copy);
- Company logo design service contract (in case the company uses third-party logo design service) or Decision on assigning the task of the competent subject in the company to assign logo design to company);
- A letter of guarantee from the company logo author to guarantee that this is a logo created by himself/herself and not copied;
- Print of company logo with stamp of the company;
- Power of attorney for representative units to carry out procedures when clients use the service of registering company logo copyright protection.
Step 3: Choose where to apply for the copyright of the company logo
When registering for copyright protection of the company logo in the form of copyright registration, the applicant can apply directly or via courier or post to the Copyright Office in Hanoi for review and process applications.
In case the company logo owner is headquartered in the Central region, it is possible to submit the application for copyright registration of the company logo through the Representative Office of the Copyright Office in Da Nang City. Similarly, companies based in the Southern region can submit the application for copyright protection at the Representative Office of the Copyright Office in Ho Chi Minh City.
Step 4: Track and receive the certificate of copyright registration
After completing the application and submitting the application file to a competent state agency, the owner of the company logo just needs to wait, monitor the status of the application to see if it needs to change, modify or supply any information, otherwise just wait for the result announcement - copyright registration certificate.
Within fifteen (15) working days from the date on which the competent authority of the copyright registration receives the complete and valid application file from the applicant, the Copyright Office shall issue a certificate of registration of copyright for that company.
Current law requires 15 working days from the date of receipt of a valid application file (which means full, accurate and eligible to be granted a Copyright Registration Certificate). Therefore, the time to submit the application, then the time of amendment and supplement (if any) the file is not included in the time to be granted the copyright registration certificate.
As previously analyzed, we always encourage clients to register for the protection of the company logo in the form of an exclusive trademark that will have many benefits for the company, ensuring the best interests for the company. However, in case the client still wants and wishes to register the copyright of the company logo in the form of copyright registration, we still provide the service for the client as follows:
- Before clients sign a service contract with Minh Khue Law Firm, we will generalize the main jobs, the stages that we perform for clients, including service costs. If clients still have problems, we will support and give specific and detailed answers to you;
- After agreeing on the content of the service contract, parties will sign the contract and the client shall pay the service costs as agreed in the contract, our lawyers will conduct the preparation of the documents and complete documents to submit to competent state agencies;
- Clients only need to sign a power of attorney to carry out the copyright registration service of Minh Khue, other jobs from filing, paying state registration fees, monitoring records and receiving results we will perform entirely for you;
- In case, if there is a dispute with other logo owners, we will guide or draft a response letter to resolve the dispute for you according to the agreement between the client and the Minh Khue Law in order to ensure the best interests for clients, respect clients opinions;
- After completing the obligations agreed in the service contract, the parties will proceed to liquidate the service contract.
With a team of highly qualified lawyers, experienced in copyright registration, Minh Khue Law Company always brings satisfaction to all clients. We are committed to protecting clients' information, including information of the company logo intended to register and commit to perform on time, hand over the Certificate of copyright registration to clients on time as in the contract of the parties.

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