1. Benefits of registration of exclusive company logos?

In fact, there are many individuals and companies who do not understand the benefits and importance of the registration of exclusive company logos, so they often do not register or register the exclusive company logo later than the time the company logo already existed, it would affect legitimate rights and interests, and even suffer heavy losses.
Registration of the exclusive company logo will bring the following benefits to the company logo owner:
- To be protected by the state authority of the company logo;
- To request competent state agencies to handle violations of individuals, enterprises and other organizations using illegal company logos, without permission;
- To be entitled to exclusively use the company logo, to have the rights to the company logo such as the use, transfer of the right to use, the exclusive ownership of the logo for other individuals;
- Increasing the ability to distinguish the company's goods / services from other companies, contributing to attracting customers, increasing profits;
- Exclusive registration of the company logo is a form of advertising goods / products / services of the company itself, contributing to increasing confidence for consumers and partners for the company;

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- Exclusive registration of the company's brand logo is a premise to build a famous brand in the future.
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Lawyer Le Minh Truong - Guidance on benefits when registering for trademark protection

Not every time a company logo owner submits a protection registration application to a competent state agency, the logo is granted a Protection Title. Therefore, the exclusive owner of the company logo needs to meet the following conditions to be able to register an exclusive company logo exclusively:
- Company logo must be new, creative, able to distinguish from other logos that have been registered for protection, no duplication, similar or confusing with another logo;
- Logo must be presented in the form of letters, images or a combination of letters and images, may have a separate slogan of the company - it is exclusive right only the owner of the logo has;

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- Prepare the exclusive registration dossier of the company logo properly, sufficiently and accurately as prescribed;
- Strictly comply with the registration process of the company logo and submit it to a competent state agency in accordance with law;
- Complete financial obligations, pay fees and charges in accordance with regulations to be granted protection license on time;
- Clients should learn the provisions of law, especially law firms specializing in Intellectual Property field or industrial property representative organizations to be advised by lawyers, legal experts and answering problems that may arise. If enterprises want to save time and costs, they should use the exclusive registration service of the company logo of industrial property representative organizations, in particular, the Minh Khue Law Limited Company.
Hướng dẫn cách đăng ký độc quyền logo công ty
Minh Khue Law Firm instructs clients how to register the exclusive company logo for clients to refer, the basic steps include:
Step 1: Design your company logo

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In order to have a full basis of exclusive registration of the company logo, clients need to design a creative logo that can distinguish them from other logos, the design of this logo is essential, the logo owner needs to come up with the idea. For your logo to register, after completing the logo, customers need to conduct a search for the company logo to check the similarity, confusion or duplication with other owners to increase the ability to register for exclusive protection of the company logo successfully.
Step 2: Prepare an exclusive application for company logo
Exclusive registration of company logo includes:
- Exclusive registration declaration of the company logo in accordance with the general application form nationwide;
- Company logo sample (08 samples with size ≤ 08 cm x 08 cm);
- Documents certifying payment of state fees when registering the company's logo exclusively;
- Power of attorney for industrial property representative organization to carry out procedures (if any);
- Letter of introduction for employees of the company to carry out procedures (if the owner of the company logo does not perform it himself).
Step 3: Apply for exclusive registration of the company logo
The owner of an application for protection of the exclusive logo of the company or the representative of the registration applicant submits the application at the Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property or through two representative offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City .

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Note: Clients can submit directly or via post or courier or through an industrial property representative organization that has been granted an Operation License by the National Office of Intellectual Property.
Step 4: Track the progress of the exclusive application of company logo
After the exclusive registration file of the company logo has been submitted to a competent state agency, the progress of the dossier evaluation is carried out through three basic stages, namely:
- The examination of the form of application: In case of errors or inaccurate information, the National Office of Intellectual Property shall issue a notice denying the application, at this time, the applicant needs to amend, supplement and complete the application dossier as prescribed. If the application is valid, of course, it will be transferred to the second stage, which is the period of publishing the valid company logo.
- Publishing period to announce the valid company logo: After the exclusive application of the company logo is evaluated as a valid application, the National Office of Intellectual Property will publish public company logo on the Industrial Property Gazette according to regulations.
- The period of content examination of the registration application logo: Representatives of competent state agencies, in particular, the examining specialists assigned will conduct the examination of the contents of the published logo application to determine whether the application for protection is eligible for protection in accordance with the law.
Step 5: Receive exclusive registration results of the company logo
If the exclusive application of the company logo is notified as valid after appraising the application content, the owner / representative of the owner will pay the fee for granting protection title according to regulations and receive a certificate of protection.
Note: Protection titles may be transferred to the location indicated on the exclusive registration form of the company logo for the logo owner or the logo owner's representative can come directly to the National Office of Intellectual Property to receive the result.
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Lawyer Le Minh Truong - Guidance on trademark registration processes, procedures and fees

According to the current law, the total time for exclusive registration of a company logo is usually 15 months to 18 months, in which:
- The period of appraising the form of exclusive registration of company logo: 01 month to 02 months;
- Publication period: 02 months;
- The period of appraisal of the content of an exclusive application for a company logo: 12 months to 15 months;
- Period of granting protection titles: 01 month.

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In fact, the period of the exclusive registration procedure for the company logo can last from 20 months to 24 months, even longer, depending on the complicated or simple cases, the registration period of protection will be different.
The exclusive registration fee of the company logo includes: the exclusive registration fee for the logo and the fee for granting protection title, the fee is high or low depending on the number of product/service groups that the applicant registers for the logo. The fee for exclusive registration of logos and fees for protection titles is promulgated by the Ministry of Finance in each period.
In addition, if the customer uses the exclusive registration service of the company logo from the industrial property representative organizations, the owner of the company logo will pay the service fee, this fee is regulated differently in each organization providing services, there is no state regulation on maximum or minimum service prices, therefore, clients should refer to the specialized, reputable and most affordable organization to provide service yourself.
The total cost of searching and the exclusive registration fee of the Minh Khue company logo is: 3.360.000 VND/01 product and service group (01 group includes 06 products / services). Contact now: 1900.6162 for advice and detailed quotation!
Minh Khue Law Firm currently provides most of the services related to Intellectual Property, especially, Minh Khue Law Firm is the leading prestigious representative of Industrial Property, with operation license granted by the National Office of Intellectual Property, we always get the trust and support from our clients. We offer the exclusive registration service of the company logo as follows:
- Consulting and answering the advantages and disadvantages of the exclusive registration of the company logo;

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- Advising and guiding clients to design logos in accordance with the company's products/services;
- Search the company logo to verify the distinctive ability of the company logo compared to other registered logos;
- Execute exclusive registration of the company logo or perform logo search service for clients, perform services to each stage in the exclusive registration process of the company logo, depending on the needs of clients, including: logo lookup, document preparation, filing, monitoring the progress of applications, receiving protection titles;
- Advising and guiding clients to implement the process and procedures for exclusive registration of the company logo;
- Advise and guide clients to handle infringements of logo owners' rights;
- Consult and answer all arising problems or legal requirements related to Intellectual Property for clients.
Customers can refer to some other services we offer:

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- Consulting services for industrial design registration procedures.

7. Contact information for using the service of Minh Khue Law

Depending on the needs of different clients, Minh Khue Law Firm provides the following contact methods for clients to choose in accordance with each client's wishes, saving time and costs:
- Clients only need legal advice related to Intellectual Property, please call: 1900.6162 for advice and free answers;
- Clients need to consult the order, procedures and service prices, please call: 1900.6162 to connect to Lawyer To Thi Phuong Dzung;
- Clients want to have a specific letter of advice and quotation, please send your request and logo via email service: [email protected]
- Clients who want to come and consult with counselors, please come to our head office at: Room 2007, 20th Floor, C2 Building, Vincom Tran Duy Hung, Tran Duy Hung Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

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