Intellectual property is not just an invention, an industrial design, a trademark or a copyright, it is also the foundation for building and establishing other essential and fundamental assets in every business field. How a company identifies, registers and protects its creative achievements is a strategic issue in today's market, not only in Vietnam but also on a wider scale, to create and maintain the competitiveness of your company. We understand this and can help customers register, protect, and effectively use their intellectual property.

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Human resource:

We have a team of patent attorneys who have knowledge and experience not only in the field of patent law/intellectual property in Vietnam but also in international law and regulations regulating registration and enforcement. patent rights worldwide. Our team of patent lawyers is also graduates from various technical fields, such as biology, engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, pharmacy and informatics. , and can work in teams to provide comprehensive and full services to clients. Most of all, our lawyers are considered the leading choice in the field of patent protection and enforcement in Vietnam.

Exclusive invention patent registration service:

Inventions are becoming increasingly important and valuable among intellectual property in the context of today's marketplace. We provide practical, innovative and market-oriented advice to help clients protect and strategically manage the invention patents of the client. Our services in this field include:

+ Registration of an invention or industrial design (including drafting, translation and filing of an application for registration of an invention, industrial design and utility solution, and advice on the possibility of registration and protection patent holder);

+ Develop a protection strategy (including consultation and support for the establishment of patent protection programs/strategies);

+ Invention licensing (including issuing invention licensing and cross-licensing work);

+ Enforcement of rights and the settlement of disputes involving inventions (including patent infringement, appeal to grant of invention patent, lawsuits related to patent disputes and solutions to disputes).

Translated from: Đăng ký bảo hộ sáng chế, kiểu dáng công nghiệp

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