Minh Khue Law Firm is the legal consultant with skillfull and experienced lawyers and consultants and the close collaboration between the professional departments: Legal Consultancy – Enterprise Law Consultancy, Investment Consultancy - Intellectual Property Consultancy – Corporate Management Consultancy. We always try our best to ultilize our strengths to provide the clients with high quality service the best consultancy.

Regular legal consultancy services:

- Give consultancy and answer the clients’ questions about the legal issues on the business operation

- Give consultancy on relevant issues on interal organization

- Give consultancy on business management, , development and protection of intellectual property rights;

- Give consultancy on the Vietnam’s legal regulations on contracts; propose legal solutions and practical solutions to clients in the process of negotiating contracts.

- Regularly provide the relebant updated information relevant or possibilities of affecting the business activites;

- Take a review on the legality of the documents drafted by the enterprises or help the clients to draft the contracts and other documents.

- Participate as consulting lawyers in negotiating, signing and performing the contract.

- Provide new legal documents related to the business operation field periodically (Weekly, monthly) via email, fax, official; email;

- Provide contract samples and other samples to work with state agencies.

- Offer preferential contract value when the two parties sign the consultancy contract to implement the work item out of the legal consultancy contracts.

Translated from: vấn luật thường xuyên