Besides, Minh Khue Law Firm also provides lawyer services to protect legitimate rights and interests of civil plaintiffs and civil defendants (including agencies, organizations and individuals, enterprises) in criminal cases. Litigation lawyers in criminal cases can participate in defending and protecting the rights of related people in criminal cases at any time, when clients need, lawyers will proceed the processes and procedures to participate in litigation in criminal cases in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code.

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1. Benefits of using litigation lawyer services

- A lawyer is a person who has been trained in skills, professional skills, has a lot of experience, clearly understands the provisions of law, has clear and convincing legal arguments to serve as a basis for competent state agencies to consider and evaluate objective information of the case so as to ensure the best rights and interests to subjects in criminal cases;

- Obtain a higher legal effect than the accused, defendant defend by himself/herself by their relatives in criminal cases, even in cases the defendant in criminal cases (not a lawyer) having studied the provisions of the law, having the guidance of a lawyer, the defendant is still unable to apply accurately, quickly, handle and solve all situations promptly, risks may occur in criminal cases;

- Being provided with prestigious, quality, dedicated service, wholeheartedly, perfecting all necessary papers and documents, working with legal proceeding agencies (Investigation agencies, Procuracy, Court) to protect legitimate rights and interests for clients, limit the risks of violating the order and procedures in criminal cases of state agencies authorized;

- Information of cases, clients information is absolutely confidential, clients are completely assured of this issue, when signing a legal service contract with a law firm, the lawyer's team will proceed to study records, keep confidential information of clients, do not use personal information, information about clients' cases for any third party without the consent of clients.

2. Litigation lawyer work in criminal cases carried out

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For lawyers invited by clients to participate in litigation in criminal cases in fact almost always fulfill their duties, including lawyers appointed under the legal aid regime. Accordingly, depending on different cases, circumstances of the case as well as the needs of clients, the lawyer will perform the following basic tasks:

- Lawyers complete the documents, prepare an application to participate in taking the testimony of the detainees or participating in the interrogation when the investigating agencies perform interrogation activities;

- Give assessments, petitions or request competent agencies to carry out procedures to interrogate the accused in accordance with the process prescribed by law;

- Proposing the police investigation agency to announce the time and place of the accused to be able to participate in the interrogation in a convenient and efficient manner;

- Lawyers can provide a number of relevant papers and documents to prove the subjectivity when resolving criminal cases of one or several people conducting legal proceedings, from which there is a basis for drafting and submit a request for change of procedure conductor as prescribed;

- Lawyers conduct the collection of documents, objects, papers, videos, images related to the case, serving to defend clients in accordance with the provisions of law;

- Lawyers conduct meetings, contact with detainees, defendants, reporters, victims, legal representatives of victims, civil plaintiffs and civil defendants in criminal cases, the gathering of information and facts of the case to have grounds, the basis for actually protecting the interests of its clients;

- Request to copy records and evidence in the case that the procedure-conducting agency is keeping, read and study the case file carefully;

- Lawyers prepare, anticipate risks that may occur to clients, advise and explain the laws of the law, answer questions of clients, and then ask and participate in debates at trial to protect the rights and legitimate interests of their clients;

- Prepare and submit petitions and complaints to agencies conducting legal proceedings in accordance with regulations;

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- Lawyers advise and answer problems related to judgment execution, after executing criminal sentences for clients so that clients understand and comply with the provisions of law, ensuring the best rights and interests for convicts, civil plaintiffs, civil defendants, those with related rights and obligations, especially victims of criminal cases;

- Lawyers can guide clients to implement the Appeal of the Court's decision if they find the appeal will be beneficial to the clients. In the case of a client's request to appeal the Judgment or Court's decision, but the appeal is not beneficial, the lawyer will conduct the consultation, explaining the provisions of the law on the basis of facts to protect the best interests of clients or their relatives.

- Lawyers carry out other jobs in accordance with the law to protect their legitimate rights and interests for their clients.

3. Steps of litigation service of Minh Khue Law

Step 1: Receive clients' case information, meet clients, request to provide some necessary information, legal advice and preliminary assessment of facts of the case

Step 2: Determine the status of participating in the proceedings in criminal cases of clients, from there, negotiate and agree to sign a legal service contract and a lawyer invitation to defend the detainee and accused, defendants or defend the rights of victims, civil plaintiffs, persons with related rights and obligations, civil defendants in criminal cases

Step 3: Complete the application file for defending clients according to the provisions of the current Criminal Procedure Code

Step 4: Lawyers participating in legal proceedings, participating in litigation at competent state agencies to settle criminal cases, performing jobs to protect their rights and legitimate interests in case of criminal cases the

Step 5: At the end of the case, the parties conduct the liquidation of the contract. Lawyers support related legal issues after having the Judgment / Decision of the Court for clients to refer

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4. Contact information

To be able to request litigation services in criminal cases, clients can contact Minh Khue Law Firm through the following methods depending on the conditions and needs of the clients:

- Consult directly at the office and sign a legal service contract at the address: Room 2007, 20th Floor, C2 Building, Vincom Tran Duy Hung, Tran Duy Hung Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

- Legal advice through hotline and order requests for litigation services, the Service Department will arrange lawyers to support customers via hotline: 1900.6162

- Submit a request to use the service or request advice via email to get a specific and detailed service and consultancy quote: [email protected]

Sincerely thank customers for trusting and using the services of Minh Khue law!

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