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Our services cover all essential corporate issues, mergers & acquisitions, management issues and regulatory issues affecting companies, from shareholder rights issues to request the reporting and information disclosure according to the provisions of law. Together with a team of experienced lawyers, we have a team of business consultants and lawyers who not only have good legal background but also business knowledge and commitment to the field. We have also engaged in a number of transactions related to corporate structure in Vietnam, including mergers and acquisitions, division and restructuring of enterprises. Some of these deals can be considered national deals in terms of transaction value and innovative solutions that we offered. We understand the problems our clients face in our business and have the expertise and resources to help our clients deal with them. Most of all, our company is known as one of the best consultants in this field in Vietnam.

Service of Minh Khue Law Firm

Our considerable experience in dealing with a wide range of business issues, mergers and acquisitions has enabled us to contribute meaningfully to these areas from the very beginning. Together with a team of experienced lawyers, we provide services not only to domestic but also foreign companies in all business sectors, including:

- Business consulting services;
- Examination of enterprises;
- Compliance with law, reporting and disclosure;
- Drafting and updating documents on organization;
- Transformation into enterprise, equitization, and privatization;
- Merger and acquisition, division, consolidation, reorganization and conversion; and
- Restructuring of businesses, liquidation and dissolution.

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