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Service of lawyers counsel on civil dispute and participate in civil dispute resolution at the Court

1. Counseling lawyer services for civil dispute

Lawyers of Minh Khue Law Firm provide consultancy services for civil disputes to clients with the following basic contents:
- In case the client is expected to join a civil transaction or sign one of the civil contracts, the lawyer will advise whether the dispute may arise in that case of the client base on the information that clients provide, thereby offering solutions for clients to choose;
- For clients who start disputes, lawyers will advise and orient clients to negotiate and agree between parties to save time and costs, without having to take part in settling disputes through arbitration or a competent court if successful mediation and agreement;
- In case of agreement, negotiation but failed, at the request of the client, the lawyer will conduct the study of the case of the civil dispute of the client, identify the competent agency, conditions for the subject to submit a petition, a summary of the order and procedures for resolving a civil dispute case for clients to refer;
- Advise and guide clients to complete the petition, collect documents, papers and evidence to submit the petition;
- Lawyers will advise you on the amount of court fees and the fees payable to the Court in accordance with the case of the client, advice on the competent authorities to collect court fees, the form of payment of court fees, prescribed fees;

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- Advising and guiding clients to prepare official documents and papers to implement proposals and requests to competent agencies to protect their rights;
- Advise and formulate plans, anticipate possible cases in the mediation process, in the trial of the case so that clients have the best preparation plan to achieve the best effect for themselves according to complying with the provisions of law;
- Consulting and handling legal problems that clients encounter in the process of resolving civil cases.

2. Lawyer services for civil dispute resolution at the Court

Services of civil dispute resolution lawyers at the Court of Minh Khue Law Firm are divided into the following stages:
Stage before filing a lawsuit:
- During this period, the lawyer will study carefully the case file of the client, discuss and understand the information provided by the client, make a judgment on the beneficial and adverse circumstances for the client. From there, instructing clients to collect documents and papers related to cases to provide to the Court or receive the authorization of clients to collect papers and documents.
- After that, the lawyer will analyze the risks, advantages and disadvantages when the client decides to file at the Court. At the same time, advising the selection of a competent Court to resolve civil disputes for clients to facilitate travel, saving time and costs.
- Lawyers will proceed to draft a petition, complete the relevant documents and papers and submit a petition to the Court.
Stage of filing a petition:
- The client submits the application himself/herself or through the authorized representative to submit the lawsuit petition at the competent Court;
- In case of missing documents, need to supplement, adjust, change, lawyers will answer and support clients to complete correctly, sufficiently and accurately;
- After submitting the application, the lawyer will advise and guide the client to file court fees and charges as required to complete the file.
Stage after the case being accepted:
- After having notice of petition acceptance of the Court, there is a specific time to attend the conciliation session, approach, hand over and publicize the evidence in the litigation of the litigants (all the plaintiff, the defendant and those with related obligations must provide) the lawyer will guide the client to prepare legal issues, agree on the protection standpoint, and anticipate possible problems in mediation session, thereby giving directions and options to benefit clients. In the event of a new legal issue, the lawyer will advise and assist clients in collecting new evidence to protect their rights.
- Lawyers study records, prepare questions, viewpoints to protect legitimate rights and interests for clients before the case is publicly heard in Court.
- Lawyers participating in court sessions to protect clients' rights and legitimate interests.
Stage after the Judgment / Decision of the Court:
- After having the judgment / decision of the court if the client agrees with the judgment of the court, the lawyer will advise and guide the client to implement the judgment execution in accordance with the law;
- In case the customer does not agree with the Judgment / Decision of the Court, the lawyer will advise and guide the client to make the appeal according to the procedure or request the competent state agency to appeal according to cassation and reopening procedures.

3. Expenses for consulting lawyers services for civil dispute resolution at courts

Currently, according to the provisions of the current law, for cases of resolving civil disputes at the Court or just legal advice on civil disputes through call center, via email, directly at Company headquarters, at locations outside the company's headquarters as required by the client, are not limited to the minimum or maximum of the service cost.
Therefore, the cost of legal counsel services for civil dispute resolution and civil dispute resolution in the Court depends on the unit (law firms, law offices where lawyers are working). Based on the objective details of the dispute, expected time of dispute resolution and based on experience, the reputation of lawyers performing services for clients. Specifically:
- The rates for clients consulting via online call center is the amount agreed upon by the telecommunications service providers and law firms / lawyer's offices;
- The level of service fees when consulting directly at the head office of a law firm / law office or consulting outside the office of a law firm is regulated by law firms depending on the time and location of consultancy, travel expenses for counselors, dispute resolution;
- Rates of service costs when clients use lawyer services to participate in litigation, resolve civil disputes at the Court provided by the service providers based on the facts and contents of the factors of the dispute, expertise and prestige of lawyers, as well as the expected period of completion of that civil case to set a reasonable fee, then the parties agree on the service cost ensure the best benefits for both parties.

4. How to contact using reputable lawyer services

The most important requirement that clients are interested in using a lawyer service is the quality of services that are reputable? Is the best benefit guaranteed to clients in accordance with the law? For how long can a lawyer solve problems for clients? And of course, clients also need to consult the cost of lawyer services before proceeding to sign a legal service contract?
First of all, clients can refer to the list of highly qualified lawyers of Minh Khue Law Firm, practical experiences of lawyers to confirm their beliefs before using lawyer services participating in civil dispute resolution at our Court. Or refer to the article to answer legal problems, legal advice of the team of lawyers, legal experts of Minh Khue Law Firm through website address:
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