Minh Khue Law Firm sets the goal of helping entrepreneurs to set up a business quickly and smoothly. Our consulting services include:

1. Legal consultancy on each type of enterprise, namely:

- Type of enterprise;

- Model and organizational structure of the enterprise;

- Operation and administration model;

- Legal consultancy on the relationship among the managerial positions;

- Rights and obligations of the members / shareholders;

- Consultancy on capital contribution rate and methods

- Consultancy on profit division and arising obligations;

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- Consultancy on other relevant issues

2. Study on legal documents, instruction and explaination of Law on Investment, Enterprise and other relevant documents and client support.

- Based on the request and the supplied documents, we will analyze and assess the legality and conformity

- In case the clients need lawyers to participate in negotiations, exchange with the partners in the business establishment, we will make plan and ensure the participation as required;

- We represent the clients to translated and notarize the related documents.

3. Completion of the business establishment documents and application for investment certificates:

- Give consultancy and complete minutes of the meetings among founding members before establishment

- Give consultancy and finish business cooperation contract / joint venture agreement;

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- Written registration documents/ Application for investment certificates;

- Prepare investment projects;

- Give consultancy and draft the company charter;

- Prepare a list of members / shareholders

- Authorization letters;

- Relevant notarizised documents

- Other relevant documents

4. Representation for procedure implementation:

- To apply for investment certificate;

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- Follow the procedures and results of the submitted documents;

- Received investment certificates at Department of Planning and Investment;

- Apply for seal registration and arrange for seal engraving for the enterprise;

- Receive certificate for seal sample registration and seal registration (Staffs of Minh Khue Law Firm together with the business owners will be present at One-Door Division, Department of Planning and Investment to conduct the above procedures)

- Apply for corporate tax code.

5. Consultancy after establishment

- To draft legal documents for the enterprise;

- Provide relevant legal documents as required;

- Give instruction on tax procedure and tax declarations;

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- Give instruction on operating procedures at the company's headquarters.

Translated from: vấn xin cấp phép đầu nước ngoài


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