Architectural works under the provisions of the Law on Intellectual property is the design drawings in any form express creative ideas about houses, buildings, space planning (planning construction) whether or not built. Architectural works include the design drawings of the ground, facades, sections, perspective, expressing creative ideas about houses, works, architectural complexes, space organizations, the landscape of a region, an urban area, urban system, urban functional area and rural residential area.

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The model of the house, construction or spatial planning is considered an independent architectural work.

1. The issues you are adviced

- We provide consultancy on the entire legal regulations related to copyright of architectural works;

- Consultancy of standard documents, copyright protection of architectural works;

- Consultancy on how to negotiate the transfer, permitting the use, transformation and reproduction of works;

- Consultancy you on how to write your content;

2. Minh Khue Law Firm conducts the preparation of the application file for free registration

- Memorandum of Authenticity of the author;

- Contracts on transfer of copyright of architectural works;

- Minutes of assignment in case of architectural work was created on the basis of job assignment;

- Complete the declaration of copyright registration of architectural works;

3. Procedures conducted by Minh Khue Law Firm:

- Representatives to submit applications for registration of the architectural works at the National Intellectual Property Office (NOIP);

- The representative of the monitoring and response of the NOIP;

- Get the certificate of copyright registration;

- Appeal the refusal to grant certificates (if any);

4. Documents you need to provide us

- 3 samples of the work;

- 03 explanations about the content of the work (if necessary);

- Information related to the work: Name of the work, Published or not, time of publication;

- The idea of the author when creating the work (if necessary);

- The pseudonym of the author (if necessary);

- Author information: Place of Birth, Telephone Number, Email; Fax;

- The notarized legal registration certificate of the organization which is the owner of the work (if any);

Translated from: Dịch vụ đăng ký bảo hộ bản quyền tác phẩm kiến trúc

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