Minh Khue Law Firm, with many years of operation in the field of Intellectual Property, has successfully registered for protection for many authors for copyright protection registration, successfully register for protection of logos, brands, trademarks, inventions for many individuals and businesses. With a team of highly specialized lawyers, professional and experienced operations, we always receive trust and satisfaction from our clients.

When registering for copyright, the author of that work will receive a lot of benefits, however, we will point out some of the most basic and important benefits:
- Being protected by copyright authorities, minimizing risks that may arise for the author;
- The author has the right to restrict infringements of copyright of other individuals, organizations and enterprises such as copying, cropping, distorting, ...;
- The author will have full rights on personal and property rights for works that have been registered for protection, these rights are guaranteed to be implemented based on the provisions of law, as well as enforced from competent state agencies;
- The author is entitled to enjoy the author's property rights when making the rental of the original work, making derivative works, distributing works, ...
Step 1: The idea should be expressed in a certain physical form
Notice that in order to be eligible to apply for protection, the idea should be expressed in a certain form as shown on paper, on the ground, represented by a certain artifact as a product that can be used, ... Once the idea is expressed in a certain physical form, there is a basis for registering protection, if you have an idea but only thoughts and visualizations, imagine in your mind, the idea is not protected.
Step 2: Select the corresponding type of work and match the idea
Based on the provisions of the current Intellectual Property Law, only some new works are subject to copyright protection, so if your idea has been shown under a certain form, you will have to choose a corresponding type of work and be consistent with that idea to register for copyright protection in accordance with the law.
Step 3: Prepare and complete the application dossier and apply for protection registration
In order to not have to spend a lot of time and travel expenses, you need to complete the application for protection registration as soon as possible and of course, the application also needs sufficient documents to qualify for copyright protection. fake in accordance with the law. After that, carry out procedures for filing protection registration at a competent state agency can be done in person or by post.
Step 4: Track progress and receive results
The record monitoring is a necessary step to get the earliest information on the request to amend or supplement the author registration application or receive the earliest notice of the successful registration of the work.
The application dossier for copyright registration includes the following documents:
- Declaration of copyright protection registration according to the national application form;
- Printed ideas on paper;
- A notarized copy or certified copy of the people's identity card / citizen identity card of the applicant;
- Written commitment of the owner of the idea of ​​not copying, the work is created by the author himself;
- Authorization contract or Power of Attorney or Referral if the owner does not perform the procedure himself.
The state agency authorized to process application of register copyright ideas today is the Copyright Office at address 33 Alley 294/2 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.
In addition, the Copyright Office has two representative offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City. Specific address:
In Ho Chi Minh City: 170 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Ward 6, District 3.
In Da Nang City: 01 An Nhon 7 Road, An Hai Bac Ward, Son Tra District.
The period of registration for protection of idea copyright is 15 working days, from the date the competent state agency receives a valid dossier.
Minh Khue Law Firm provides the service of registering copyright ideas for clients throughout the country including but not limited to the following works:
- Advise and guide clients to choose the form and type to express their ideas;
- Advising and guiding clients on dossiers and procedures to register copyright protection for ideas;
- Consult and answer your problems with the type of protected work;
- Prepare documents, represent clients to carry out administrative procedures at competent state agencies;
- Representing clients to pay protection registration fees, filing dossiers for copyright protection registration;
- Track records, instructions (or perform when customers request) to handle problems that may arise during the process of copyright registration;
- Representing clients or informing clients to receive results at competent state agencies;
- Consult all issues arising with copyright Copyright after successful registration;
- Providing other copyright registration services, if clients need to use copyright registration service of Minh Khue law firm, please refer to the order, procedures and detailed service fees.

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