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1. Why should you search logos, trademarks and brands?

In the process of registering logo protection, registering trademark protection, registering brand protection, trademark search is not required. However, to be able to check the information of logos, trademarks, and brands that are similar, overlapping or confusing with logos, trademarks, and brands that have been granted previous protection titles or are In the process of protection registration, the search of this logo, brand, and trademark is absolutely necessary and especially important.
In addition, the search of trademarks, logos, and trademarks will help to check whether the logos, trademarks, and brands that clients intend to register infringe upon the intellectual property rights of registered logos, brands and trademarks or not? Depending on the severity and nature of the behavior, the act of infringing upon the ownership of logos, brands and trademarks will be sanctioned for administrative violations or examined for penal liability according to the provisions of law.
In addition, when searching logos, brands, and trademarks, it will help owners of logos, brands, and trademarks to save time and cost of registering logos. Because if you do not find out that there is a duplicate, similar or confusing, the owner of the logo, brand, and trademark still apply for protection registration to the competent state agency, pay the fee and If the application is filed, it must wait a long time for the National Office of Intellectual Property to verify the application, if it is not eligible for protection registration (due to overlap, similarity and confusion), the registration dossier will be returned, the trademark owner will be required to register from the beginning >> Very time consuming and costly.

2. Guide to search logos, brands and trademark

In order to conduct a search of logos, brands, and trademarks, you need to do this through the following basic steps:

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Step 1: Prepare the logo, brand, intended brand to search
These logos, trademarks, and trademarks can be image or text part or both.
Step 2: Grouping categories for logos, brands, and trademarks
A logo, brand, and trademark will be registered for one or more products / services, each product group or service group will be classified from Class 01 to Class 45. Classifying products or services is relatively complicated, so it is necessary to have highly specialized and professional specialists to be able to classify correctly. Therefore, you should consult experts to determine the product group or service group corresponding to the logo, brand, and trademark that you intend to register.
Step 3: Preliminary search on the homepage of Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property
Preliminary search on the homepage of Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property will not take the search costs but clients can only search for protected logos, trademarks or being protected trademarks but not 100% accurate because the National Office of Intellectual Property has not updated all information on registered logos, brands and trademarks.
Step 4: Official search logo, brand, trademark
In this step, the search will cost money because clients need to use search services of specialized organizations which are able to search logos, trademarks and brands to get the most accurate result. It will be the basis for successful protection registration later.

3. Service of searching logos, trademarks and trademarks of Minh Khue Law Company

Minh Khue Law Firm provides logo, brand and trademark lookup services for all clients when customers need to search, we provide and perform the following tasks:
- Advice on how to design logos, brands and trademark to suit clients' needs;
- Requesting clients to provide logo, brand, and trademark names to conduct search for logos, brands and trademark;
- Advise and instruct clients how to handle all legal issues that arise after searching logos, trademarks, and brands that detect duplication, similar or easily confusing with other protected and registered logos during the registration process;
- Conduct search of logos, brands, trademarks and notify search results to customers right after having official results;
- Offer better costs, service prices when clients use the lookup service of logos, brands and brands in large quantities;
- Consult legal regulations on the benefits of registering the protection of logos, trademarks and trademarks when submitting applications early;
In addition, Minh Khue Law Firm also provides patent registration services, registration of logos, trademarks, brands, registration of codes, bar codes, copyright protection registration, ...

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4. Why should you choose the logo, brand and trademark search service of Minh Khue?

When you use the service to search the logo, brands, trademarks of Minh Khue Law Firm you will get the following benefits:
- Conduct a full package search for clients from A to Z;
- Quality of service is prestigious, guaranteed, accurate, high efficiency;
- A team of lawyers, consultants with many years of experience and high expertise;
- Attentive, enthusiastic, professional service attitude;
- Fast and effective with the most reasonable cost.
Clients can refer to the videos with the participation of the lawyer team of Minh Khue Law Firm on VTV1, VTV3, VTV5, VTV6 in key programs on Intellectual Property in Vietnam to affirm their beliefs when using our service:

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Youtube video

Lawyer: Le Minh Truong - Guidance on trademark registration procedures and fees

Youtube video

Lawyer Le Minh Truong participated in the 60-minute program opened on VTV6 - Consultation on intellectual property law​

Lawyer: Le Minh Truong - Guidance on benefits when registering for trademark protection​

Youtube video

Lawyer Le Minh Truong commented on the draft copyright on the collection fee for use rights​

Youtube video

Lawyer: To Thi Phuong Dzung participated in answering the 24h Program about handling copyright infringement on the Internet

5. How to contact to use logo, brand and trademark search service

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With the development of social - economy and information technology, there are many ways for you to contact Minh Khue Law Firm to request the use of logo and brand search services, but to be simple and convenient for the needs of each customer, you can choose one of the following ways to be able to connect with our Intellectual Property Department attorney, specifically as follows:
- Method 1: Connect to the free online legal advice center via hotline: 1900.6162 if the client needs detailed advice or asks for the price before implementing the service.
- Method 2: Send request to use the service details via email service: [email protected]. We will check the information and have a reply email stating information about the procedure and steps to perform the service, detailed quotation for clients.
- Method 3: Arrive directly at Minh Khue law firm's office: Room 2007, 20th Floor, C2 Building, Vincom Tran Duy Hung, Tran Duy Hung Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.
- Method 4: Contact directly on the phone number 1900.6162 to meet lawyer To Thi Phuong Dzung for advice and specific price in your case.
Thank customers for trusting and using our services!
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