- The competent Vietnamese authority is required; and
- The contents and forms of papers and documents already certified by foreign agencies according to the provisions of law.
Foreign documents and documents used in Vietnam must be consularly legalized unless otherwise provided for by Vietnamese law or treaties which Vietnam has signed or acceded to.

Consular legalization dossier
- Request for consular legalization.
- Original or notarized copies of papers, documents requesting registration of consular legalization, translation (if any).
- One (01) copy of the above papers and documents.
- One (01) copy of the applicant's identity card or passport or other substitute paper (hereinafter collectively referred to as the people's paper) (presenting the original for comparison).
Consular legalization
The competent authorities of Vietnam include:
- The Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (hereinafter called the Consular Department).
- Department of Foreign Affairs of Ho Chi Minh City (hereinafter referred to as Department of Foreign Affairs);
- Foreign diplomatic missions, consular offices or other agencies authorized to perform consular functions abroad (hereafter collectively referred to as Vietnamese representative missions).
The director of the Consular Department, the director of the External Relations Service and the head of the Vietnamese representative mission shall have the right to sign consular legally.
- The director of the Consular Department and the director of the Department of Foreign Affairs may authorize the head of the legalization and consular section of the Consular Department to sign the consular legalization.
- The head of the Vietnamese representative agencies may authorize the diplomatic agent to perform the consular function or the consular officer to sign consular legalization.
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