With experience and capacity, Minh Khue Law Firm has advised many companies and multinational corporations and we are ready to provide investment consultancy services to establish a 100% capital company for investors of all countries who are wishing to invest and do business in Vietnam. We are willing to represent the investor in compiling the file and conducting the registration of the establishment of a 100% foreign owned company at a competent state agency.

Minh Khue Law Firm can provide clients with the most useful legal advice in all fields of foreign investment. With any requirement of the clients such as the establishment of a 100% foreign owned enterprise, joint venture enterprise, branch or representative office or seeking partners and negotiating with domestic and foreign partners. ... MKLAW FIRM always focuses on the specific needs of clients and support clients during the formation and development of business operations in Vietnam.

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Consultancy services related to the granting of investment certificates to 100% foreign-owned companies in Vietnam:

Access to information and preliminary consultancy:

After receiving the basic information on requirements of investors in the investment project, doing business in Vietnam, we will conduct research, compile documents, analyze the legal basis to legal documents and other related issues to the requirements of investors. During this period, our consultants will meet with investors directly to provide preliminary advice and answer any problems of investors about investment preferential policies and conditions (capital, human resources ...) and other related issues that investors are interested in or should know.

Counseling, negotiating and signing stage:

Based on the information, documents and requirements of the investor, we will:

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- Counseling, analyzing and evaluating the lawfulness, suitability between the requirements of the investor and Vietnamese law, and finding out possible solutions for investors to choose. and decide

- Consultancy on the selection of model and organizational structure of company management (in case of investment project associated with establishment of enterprise).

- Counseling on the ratio and method of capital contribution, profit sharing plan and settlement of arising obligations.
- Consultancy on investment preferential conditions and procedures for investment incentives.
- Counseling on the location of the investment project and supporting documents related to the location of the investment project.
- Guide investors to prepare legal and financial documents;
- Translation services, notary papers for investment of foreign investors.
- Services for compiling dossiers of application for issuance/amendment of investment certificates, including: enterprise dossiers (written requests for issuance/amendment of investment certificates, charters, joint venture contracts and other papers), Investment project files (make economic and technical reports, prepare explanations to meet investment conditions in accordance with the law, make explanations to meet the requirements. financial capacity,etc.).
- Appointing lawyers to participate in negotiations, meeting with partners of investors in project formulation, M & A.
- Signing a consultancy contract;
The stage of the procedure for the establishment of the company:
+ Apply for investment license/amendment of the company
+ Monitoring the processing and notifying results of submitted dossiers
+ Get the investment registration certificate for the company
+ Making the company seal and registration for the use of the seal (in case of investment projects associated with the establishment of the company
Services related to investment consultancy after establishment:
Minh Khue Law Firm will advise and assist the investor in drafting and preparing documents and completing required administrative procedures for land lease, office leasing, labor law consulting and recruitment, advice on capital transfer, conversion of investment form, increase/decrease of capital, expansion of scope of activities; consultancy on taxation, contracts, represent clients to settle economic and civil disputes, intellectual property, composing rules, regulations, collective labor agreements, technology transfer; Setting up representative offices and branches of foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam.
- Advising to set up a branch or representative office for a 100% foreign owned company;
- Legal advice for foreign investors
- Consultancy to set up company for foreign investors
- Advising on procedures for granting certificates of operation of branches and representative offices to 100% foreign owned companies
- Carry out the procedures for obtaining the investment certificate, and related procedures.
- Consultancy and services after investment license
- Consultancy on construction permit of the company
- Advising on tax, labor and financial procedures for the company
- Counsel other related procedures for the implementation of the project for the company
- Counsel market information and connect investment opportunities
- Providing information on investment market;
- Services to introduce and connect investment opportunities;
- Investment opportunities;
- Services to buy and sell companies;
- Support services after establishment;
- Consultancy on procedures for granting and extending visa;
- Services for applying for work permits for foreign workers;
- Providing consultancy on declaration and purchase of social insurance and health insurance for foreigners;
- Monthly tax reporting service.

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