Applicants may request corrections, changes in the name and address of the applicant, the author. All requests for amendment and/or modification shall be made in writing according to form No. 01-SĐD, which is prescribed in Appendix B to Circular No. 01/2007 / TT-BKHCN. Amendments may be requested for the same content relating to more than one application, provided that the applicant has to pay a fee on the basis of the number of applications.

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Dossiers and procedures necessary:

1. Necessary documents

- 02 declarations (made according to a set form);

- 01 notarized copy of the business registration certificate (old address);
- 01 notarized copy of the business registration certificate (new address);

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- 01 letter of change of company address (MKLAW FIRM provided).
2. Requirement of application
- Each application is only required for one content;
- All documents must be in Vietnamese. For documents made in other languages as prescribed at Point 7.3 and Point 7.4 of Circular 01/2007 / TT-BKHCN, they must be translated into Vietnamese;
- All documents of the application must be presented vertically (only drawings, diagrams and tables can be presented horizontally) on one size of A4 paper (210mm x 297mm), including margin on four sides, each margin is 20 mm wide, except for supporting documentation whose source is not intended for application;
- For each type of document, if it consists of many pages, each page must be numbered in Arabic numerals;
- Documents must be typed or printed with ink which is difficult to fade, clear, clean, not erased, not repaired; In case of detecting negligible errors of spelling errors in documents already submitted to the National Office of Intellectual Property, the applicants may correct such errors, but at the repaired places, there must be signatures affirming (and affix the stamp, if any) of the applicant;
- The term used in the application must be a generic term (not a local language, a rare word, a self-generated word). Symbols, units of measurement, electronic fonts, spelling rules used in the application must comply with Vietnamese standards;
- The application may be accompanied by supporting documents being electronic data carriers of part or whole of the contents of the application.

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3. Charges and fees
- For each request for amendment or modification of information and fees, the payable State fee is VND 240,000 / application.​
4. Application processing time: 1 - 2 months.

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