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Hanoi, August 20, 2007
Pursuant to the Law on Organization of the Government dated December 25, 2001;
Pursuant to the Construction Law dated November 26, 2003;
At the proposal of the Ministry of Construction in Document No. 41/TTr-BXD dated July 27, 2007, and the president of the People’s Committee of Ha Tinh province in Document No. 106/TT-UBND dated June 19, 2007,
Article 1. To approve the master plan on construction of Vung Ang economic zone, Ha Tinh province, up to 2025, with the following principal contents:

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1. Nature
Vung Ang economic zone of Ha Tinh province has an independent economic space, is a muti-purpose economic zone of various sectors, including industries, trade, services, tourism, urban centers, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, in which the development of metallurgy industry, industries in association with the exploitation of seaports, labor-intensive industries and export-processing industries will be promoted.
2. Scope and boundary
a) Planning scope and land area
The zone embraces nine communes of Ky Anh district, Ha Tinh province, namely Ky Nam, Ky Phuong, Ky Loi, Ky Long, Ky Lien, Ky Thinh, Ky Trinh, Ky Ha and Ky Ninh, covering a land area of 22,781 hectares and bordering on:
- The East Sea to the north;
- Quang Binh province to the south;
- Ky Khang, Ky Tho, Ky Hai and Ky Hung communes and Ky Anh township, Ky Anh district, to the west; and
- The East Sea to the east.
b) Population

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- About 99,000 by 2015.
- About 180,000 by 2025.
c) Land area
The total construction land area of the economic zone is 10,151 hectares, in which:
- Bonded warehousing zones (non tariff zone) occupy about 730 hectares, including Son Duong seaport (410 hectares) and a trade service-industrial center in the land area behind the port (320 hectares).
The tariff zone occupies about 9,421 hectares, in which:
+ Land for construction of ports, industrial land and warehousing land cover about 2,960 hectares, including 2,145 hectares of industrial land and warehousing land, 190 hectares for construction of thermoelectric power plants I and II, 250 hectares for construction of Vung Ang port and a logistics service center, 15 hectares for an oil and petrol depot and 90 hectares for clean industries.
+ Land for tourist resorts covers about 375 hectares.
+ Land for construction of urban residential quarters covers about 2,060 hectares.
+ Land for centers covers about 1,113 hectares, including 128 hectares for urban specialized centers, 425 hectares for trade, financial and multi-purpose service centers, and 560 hectares for education centers and hi-tech parks.

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+ Land for traffic covers about 1,250 hectares, including 913 hectares for main urban roads and 337 hectares for external roads.
+ Land for electricity transmission corridors and coal residues yards is about 874 hectares.
+ Other land in the tariff zone covers about 789 hectares.
+ Other land in the economic zone (12,630 hectares), including rural residential land, military land, religious land, agricultural land, water surface and ecological greenery.
3. Functional quarters and spatial arrangement
a) The non-tariff zone includes: Son Duong port and a trade-tourist-industrial center in the area behind the port.
b) The tariff zone
- Port and industrial clusters, including:
+ Vung Ang port cluster;
+ A steel-refining, -rolling, -processing and post-rolling complex (about 1,300 hectares) which will be located adjacent to the ship-building plant, seaports and national highway 1A; a ship-building cluster (about 320 hectares) which will be located adjacent to Son Duong deepwater seaport.

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+ Thermoelectric power plant I (about 50 hectares) of a capacity of 1,200 MW, which will be located in Hai Phong village, Ky Loi commune, and thermoelectric power plant II (about 140 hectares) of a capacity of 1,200 MW, which will be located in Ky Phuong commune.
+ Multi-purpose industrial parks (about 320 hectares), which will be arranged along both sides of national highway 1A and the existing road leading to the port; and a clean industrial park (about 90 hectares), which will be situated in the area west of the steel industrial cluster in Ky Lien commune.
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