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No. 14/2008/QD-TTg

Hanoi, January 22, 2008





Pursuant to the December 25, 2001 Law on Organization of the Government;

Pursuant to the Prime Minister s Decision No. 188/2005/QD-TTg of July 22, 2005, promulgating the Government's program of action for implementation of Directive No. 50-CT/TW of March 4, 2005, of the Secretariat of the Party-Central Committee, on stepping up biotechnology development and application for national industrialization and modernization;

At the proposal of the Minister of Science and Technology,


Article 1.- To approve the master plan on biotechnology development and application in Vietnam up to 2020 (below referred to as the master plan for short) with the following principal contents:


1. Biotechnology research, development and application must meet the requirement on developing a key scientific and technological orientation; biotechnology will be built and developed into an important spearhead econo-technical industry in Vietnam effectively serving national industrialization and modernization.

2. Biotechnology development and application will focus mainly on agriculture-forestry-fishery, food processing industry, food hygiene and safety, medicine-pharmacy, human healthcare and environmental protection, while promoting the formation, development and effective operation of biotechnological production, business and service enterprises.

3. Biotechnology will be developed on the basis of building and strongly promoting internal resources in combination with selectively receiving and rapidly acquiring and mastering the world's advanced scientific and biotechnological achievements, while modernizing traditional technologies.

4. Biotechnology development needs intensive investment and modern equipment and therefore, must be selected for proper, adequate and coordinated investment; key and essential products will be selected for development investment.

5. To train scientific and technological human resources for biotechnology which are adequate in quantity and high in quality constitutes one of the most important factors in the country's biotechnology development.


1. Overall objectives:

To research, develop, and apply biotechnology in a wide and effective manner to production and life; to build bio-industry into a hi-tech economic sector capable of producing key and essential products and greatly contributing to national economic growth; to concentrate resources on and diversify forms and the effectiveness of investment in biotechnology, form and develop a biotechnology market so that by 2020 the country's biotechnology will reach the regional advanced level and some Important sectors will reach international levels and standards.

2. Specific objectives for each period:

a/ Up-to-2010 period:

- To receive, master, research and create a number of important technologies; to apply in a wide and effective manner these technologies to agriculture-forestry-fishery, medicine-pharmacy, processing industry, environmental protection, and defense and security.

- To research, create and intensively apply new products, including plant varieties, animal breeds, microorganisms, vaccines, industrially processed products, which are of high yield, quality, competitiveness and economic value, for consumption and export.

- To build and initially increase the potential of biotechnology research and development agencies.

- To build biotechnological enterprises and form a favorable and open market for these enterprises to conduct production, business and service activities in the most effective way.

b/ During 2011-2015:

- To receive and master base technologies of the world's advanced and modem biotechnology and, on that basis, research and create valuable technologies serving production and life; to continue intensively applying biotechnology in different domains, practically serving socio-economic development and environmental protection.

- To build biotechnology research and development centers up to ASEAN standards.

- To build a developed bio-industry capable of producing key products of high quality and competitiveness to meet domestic and export demands.

c/ Vision through 2020:

- To train scientific and technological human resources in the biotechnology domain which are adequate in quantity, high in quality and creative at work and can master technologies, effectively serving socio-economic development protection of human health and the environment.

- To build advanced, modem and international-standard biotechnology research and development centers.

- To strongly develop the bio-industry capable of producing key and essential products for the national economy.


1. To research, develop and apply biotechnology in a wide and effective manner to production and life:

a/ Agriculture-forestry-fishery and rural development:

- Agricultural plants: To concentrate on scientific research, development and application of gene technology (gene transfer technology and molecular indication method) in order to create new plant varieties and genetically modified plants with superior agronomical properties meeting market needs; to apply micro-multiplication technology for creating high-quality and disease-free saplings; to widely apply high technologies to optimize the yield and quality of agricultural plants.

- Forest plants: To research, develop and widely apply cell technology and micro-multiplication technology for multiplying forest plant varieties with high growth speed and timber quality; to research, develop and apply gene technology in order to create forest plants capable of resisting pests and diseases.

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