Independence - Freedom - Happiness
No: 153/2006/QD-TTg
Hanoi, June 30, 2006
Pursuant to the December 25, 2001 Law on Organization of the Government;
Pursuant to the June 30, 1989 Law on Protection of the People's Health;
Pursuant to the Government's Decree No. 49/2003/ND-CP of May 15, 2003, defining the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of Health;
At the proposal of the Minister of Health,
Article 1.- To approve the master plan on development of Vietnam's healthcare system up to 2010 with a vision to 2020 with the following principal contents:
1. Under this master plan, the healthcare system covers the network of provision of preventive medicine, grassroots healthcare, medical examination and treatment and functional rehabilitation services, and the network of drug production, circulation, distribution and supply.
2. General objectives: To build Vietnam's healthcare system step by step modern and complete to achieve equality, effectiveness and development; to meet the increasing and diversified demands of the people for health protection, care and improvement; to reduce morbidity and mortality rates, increase life expectancy, and improve living quality; to achieve and overachieve the targets set in the 2001-2010 strategy for the people's health care and protection.
3. Specific objectives:
a/ To invest in developing the preventive medicine network capable of forecasting, monitoring and controlling epidemics with a view to reducing morbidity and mortality rates, covering the following principal contents:
- Proactively and actively preventing and controlling epidemics, preventing the occurrence of big epidemics.
- Forecasting and controlling all dangerous epidemics and epidemic vectors, especially newly appeared epidemics.
- Preventing and controlling non-infectious diseases and injury-inflicting accidents.
- Keeping the rate of people infected with HIV/AIDS below 0.3% of the population by 2010 and afterwards.
b/ To invest in rearranging the medical examination and treatment and functional rehabilitation networks in the direction of:
- Developing the medical examination and treatment network based on residential areas rather than administrative boundaries; local health units shall be managed by the health service to ensure that all the population shall have convenient access to medical examination and treatment services at all levels.
- Ensuring systematic and continued professional operations of each level of treatment and the balanced and rational development between general and specialized hospitals.
- Incrementally relocating establishments that treat dangerous communicable diseases to appropriate places.
- Building new hospitals in line with the general planning and local socio-economic development plannings. Ensuring adequate conditions of medical waste treatment and sterilization at hospitals so that medical examination and treatment activities shall not affect the people and their living environment.
- Striving for the target that by 2010, the number of hospital beds per 10,000 inhabitants (excluding commune health station beds) will reach 20.5 (including two private hospital beds) and by 2020, 25 (including 5 private hospital beds).
- Consolidating and modernizing existing traditional medicine hospitals at the central level to reach grade-I hospital standard; building traditional medicine hospitals in provinces where such hospital do not exist yet, which shall operate as both treatment and practice establishments for health workers studying at traditional medicine and pharmaceutical schools.
c/ To consolidate and perfect the grassroots healthcare network, improve the people's access to essential health services. By 2010, to ensure that most communes will have solidly built health stations and 80% of communes have health stations up to national standard.
d/ To develop pharmacy into a spearhead econo-technical branch. To strongly develop the pharmaceutical industry, increase the domestic drug manufacture capacity, prioritize the manufacture of hi-tech pharmaceuticals. To plan and develop pharmaceutical material areas as well as pharmaco-chemicals production establishments. To strengthen and develop the network of drug circulation, distribution and supply to ensure the proactive, regular and sufficient supply of quality drugs at reasonable prices and stabilize the market of preventive and curative medicines for the people. To step up research into and production of vaccines and medical bio-products. To ensure food hygiene and safety, prevention and elimination of food poisoning and food-borne diseases.
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