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Pursuant to the Law on Government organization, of December 25, 2001;

Pursuant to the Law on Construction, of November 26, 2003;

Pursuant to the Government's Decree No.08/2005/ND-CP, of January 24, 2005 on planning construction;

At the proposal of the Ministry of Construction,


>> Xem thêm:  Decision No. 15/2003/QD-BTP dated February 12, 2003.

Article 1. To approve the task adjusting planning on Hanoi Capital region construction by 2030 and vision till 2050 with the following main contents:

1. Vision:

Hanoi Capital region till 2050 will be a large synthetic economic region of nation and Asia – Pacific Ocean area. This is a dynamic development area, with high urban quality, advantage and sustainable investment environment; assurance of security, national defense; a capital area with a large center of tourism, science, education – training, culture-history, and politic of whole nation.

2. Objective:

- To develop Hanoi Capital and surround provinces on the basis of assignment, cooperation, sharing and combination of motive forces, development opportunities, the demand and supply relation as well as responsibility for solving difficulties, challenges in region in harmonious and sustainable direction.

- To define model of socio-economic development under the geographic – economic function, distribution of production force reasonably and promote maximally potentiality of Capital and localities in region.

- To formulate a synchronous and modern system of technical and social infrastructure network of region and facilitate for urban areas to continue promote role such as kernels creating motive force to push the economic, cultural, social development for surrounding area.

- To develop in balance between urban and rural areas, to restraint the dark sides of urbanization process to living environment, affects of climate changes, aiming to build Hanoi Capital region for fast, prosperous development and with a sustainable environment.

- To adjust the Planning of Hanoi Capital region construction, serviced as basis for formulation and adjustment of regional planning of construction, general urban planning, planning on construction of new rural area and sectorial planning.

- Being basis to set up data servicing for management and proposal of policy mechanism in regional management.

>> Xem thêm:  Decision No. 30/2006/QD-BXD dated September 14, 2006

3. Adjustment of regional scope, limit:

The scale, scope of research will include Hanoi Capital and 09 provinces of Vinh Phuc, Bac Hai, Hai Duong, Hung Yen, Ha Nam, Hoa Binh, Phu Tho, Thai Nguyen and Bac Giang (expanding additionally 03 provinces including Phu Tho, Thai Nguyen and Bac Giang comparing to the Decision No. 490/2008/QD-TTg, of May 05, 2008) with total area of 24,314.7 km2 and the current population of whole region in 2010 of about 17 million people.

4. Requirements on content of research for adjustment:

a) To assess implementation of planning on Hanoi Capital region construction:

- To assess planning on construction in provinces, cities related to the approved planning on Hanoi Capital region construction (for kernel urban area, urban systems, surrounding areas, regions being motive force of socio-economic development, central urban areas of township, social infrastructure system: Health, culture, sport, tourism, education, training, commercial service).

- To assess actual situations of using land in according to approved planning on Hanoi Capital construction and relevant approved construction planning in provinces, cities in region.

- To assess implementation of planning of industrial regions, industrial zones, hi-tech parks, key industrial regions.

- To assess implementation of organization of regional tourism spaces such as ecological tourism, convalescence tourism, festival-cultural tourism and development of tourism service system.

- To assess situation of development of regional traffic system and other technical infrastructure items such as flood prevention, construction base, electricity supply, water supply, discharging surface water and sewage, collection and treatment of solid waste and graveyard management.

- To assess change of strategic environment on natural and social environment pollution due to process of urban-rural development in region.

- To assess the management work in according to the approved planning on Hanoi Capital region construction.

b) Forecast of development:

- Forecast of socio-economic, population, labor growth and process of economic labor and land structural transfer.

- Forecast of urbanization ability and process; forms of development under urbanization ability of region.

- Forecast of urban and rural population scale in conformity with the master plan on socio-economic development of region and the national population allocation strategic for short and long terms.

- Forecast of natural environment changes due to affect of socio-economic development.

c) To adjust orientation of planning on Hanoi Capital region construction by 2030 and vision till 2050:

- Orientation of planning on landscape architecture space:

+ To propose model of combination for development among urban areas in the regional planning structure in conformity with orientation of socio-economic development, orientations in documents of Party’s Congress, decisions, directives of the Prime Minister and of localities in region.

+ To propose adjustment of planning for economic development areas: Industry, supplying services concentrated on the economic axle Con Minh – Lao Cai – Ha Noi – Hai Phong, the service and industrial axle in street 18, the economic axle Lang Son – Ha Noi - Hai Phong – Quang Ninh, areas expanding and developing tourism, new urban areas with training linkage in the West, the tourism and economic areas attached with mountains, rivers, the economic traffic axles such as Ha Noi- Bac Giang – Lang Son, etc… To select centers, decisive axles, corridors, belts of regional economic development. To adjust the nature such as regional-level centers of cities in Capital region.

+ To propose for adjustment of center kernel urban industry region, counterpoise industrial regions, industrial regions attached with line of strong urbanization axle of region toward the East of direction of Hai Phong port with industrial trades of manipulation, food and foodstuff processing, high-grade materials, light industries, services for agricultural production. To analyze proposals for adjustment of key industrial region, hi-tech area, hydro-power-industrial area, to develop traditional profession villages attached with cottage industry.

+ To orient linkage of network of regional-level, provincial-level urban areas, consider position of big urban areas, counterpoise urban areas in expanded regions such as Hai Duong, Viet Tri, Vinh Phuc, Thai Nguyen, etc, matter of moving of new population of inner and outer region and propose method to reduce load effectively for Hanoi Capital. To orient urban classification and ranking, orient to enhance urban areas in region in the zoning period.

+ To supplement specialized-trade urban areas in association with training centers, hi-tech areas (Hoa Lac, Yen Binh), industry (such as Pho Nui, Dong Van, ) tourism (such as Son Tay, Thanh Thuy, Sao Do-Chi Linh, Tam Dao, Luong Son, Quan Son, Nui Coc pond), trade services, dwelling house development (such as Me Linh, Van Giang, Tu Son).

+ To adjust orientation of preservation of geographical, cultural, historical characteristics of region combined with regional tourism space. To assess system of values of national heritages and heritages which have been recognized by UNESCO on culture, history, urban-rural architecture in whole region; define scopes and solutions to preserve, embellish typical values, supplement proposals for new areas. To select some key projects and projects in localities for tourism development at national and international level: Tourism in Ba Vi – Huong Son - Tam Chuc, Tam Dao - Tay Thien, Chi Linh – Sao Do – Pho Hien, Khuon Than lake – Cam Son,etc, supplement plans to orient big historical regions such as ATK region, faiths, Phat Tich – Bac Ninh cultural and tourism region, tourism region in Hung King Temple ancestral land, etc

+ To adjust and supplement network of natural space in whole region: To link for expansion of the green belt region from the Capital to whole region, allocate, preserve characteristics of Red river delta agricultural landscape region, midland, national forest, system of rivers, lakes, in association with strategies on landscape, environment for Capital and the Capital region during urbanization.

+ To orient development of architecture, landscape in urban areas and architecture in suburbs, regions developing rural population clusters.

- To orient development of technical and socio-economic infrastructure:

+ The regional traffic system:

. To define the synchronous system of traffic frame, develop linkage of traffic networks of region and nation in association with network of inter-province and inter-district roads.

. To ensure uniformity in goods and passenger transport, the road, railway and waterway traffic linked in whole region.

. To propose fulfilment of inner-regional public traffic networks including urban railway, fast buses for connection between urban areas with the central urban area.

. To propose system of international airport, local airport, research on international airport used for second provision in region.

. To propose to improve and upgrade the current rural traffic networks, upgrade some important routes, gradually put into the level in accordance with technical standards of rural traffic roads meeting the criterion of new rural area.

+ To orient the technical infrastructure system of region:

. To formulate criteria to define regional technical infrastructure works, to define scale, function and position; to define responsibility of sharing, management and force sources for investment in regional technical infrastructure works.

. Solutions for protection of natural areas in headwater forests, river basins, dykes, etc in order to prevent natural risks, keep resources, water sources and land intact, protect national focal works and important technical infrastructure works such as airport, Hydro-power plants, water supply plants, garbage plants, graveyards, concentrated sewage treatment plants, etc with research on elements responding to climate changes.

. To adjust strategy of water and energy supply, projects on graveyard positions, research on defining position of graveyard “Mai Dich II”; areas for regional-level solid waste treatment in Soc Son, Luong Son - Hoa Binh, etc for suitability to region.

+ To orient the socio-economic infrastructure system of region:

. To formulate criteria to define regional social infrastructure works, to define scale, function and position; to define responsibility of sharing, management and force sources for investment in regional social infrastructure works.

. To assess solutions ensuring development of dwelling house fund, residential land fund in conformity with orientation on national dwelling house development, pay attention to demand on dwelling house for low-income persons.

. To research on organization of training centers of region, North region, and Red river delta region. To define position of schools training hi-tech including trades such as new materials, information technology, automatic, biology, training on services with international qualification.

. To research on orientation of medical centers, sanatoriums with high quality, shopping malls, fairs, exhibitions, big entertainment and cultural centers, sport centers with international stature as typical style of Capital region in order to meet demand of people as well as for arrangement of international events such as ASIAD or Olympic in the future.

. To propose feasibly for sharing social infrastructure in provinces in order to develop areas of universities, medical services, aiming to reduce load for Hanoi Capital. To research on mechanism of development for new educational and health centers which have been and being formed such as: Bac Ninh, Vinh Phuc, Hung Yen; to form 05 regional-level medical clusters in the expended Hanoi Capital, to propose new orientations and to review scale, nature of educational centers in regions: Hanoi - Hai Phong – Nam Dinh, medical centers in regions: Hai Duong, Vinh Yen, Phu Ly.

- To orient the land using structure and plan:

+ To orient the land-use structure and plan of whole region and each locality on the basis of development of the balanced and harmonious urban network in whole region aiming to use land in thrifty and effective way during urbanization process.

+ To perform zoning in order to protect regions such as of security-defense, national garden, protective forests, specialized forests, historical-cultural heritage, beauty spots and valuable natural landscape.

+ To have reasonable solutions for urban development in potential regions of exploitation of mineral, ensure area of agricultural land.

- To assess the strategic environment:

+ To formulate criteria, assess conformity of viewpoints, objectives of zoning region with viewpoints, objectives on environmental protection; assess affect of main environment upon deploying plan. To propose adjustment on land-use content, plan on space development, infrastructure development in conformity with objective of environmental protection.

+ To review plans in association with environmental protection in river basins such as: Red river, Nhue river, Day river, Tich river, Ca Lo river, Duong river, Cau river, Thai Binh river, etc national forests, protective forests, planted forests, big mineral resources.

+ To review and research on controlling environment pollution in industrial zones, processing and exporting zones, cottage industrial facilities and profession villages in region. To solve and propose solutions on controlling traffic polution.

+ To assess effect of climate changes on Hanoi Capital region, propose solutions aiming to respond to this matter.

- Security and defense:

+ To define orientations on development of infrastructure and socio-economic related to assurance of security and national defense.

+ To propose expansion of specialized area for security and defense (define position, high points, etc).

+ To define the works used with combination between civil and security-defense purpose.

- Finance, force source of investment:

+ To propose prioritized programs, developed projects in conformity with orientation on strategic development of Hanoi Capital region.

+ To propose mobilization of force sources, perform under periods with key concentration, effectiveness and high feasible nature.

+ To propose mechanisms, policies relating to land, finance, human resource servicing for development in areas or whole region.

- Model of regional management: To consult domestic and overseas experiences, economic, policy and cultural characteristics, propose models of regional management with high feasible nature (regarding administration, institutions, investment management, control mechanism) and in conformity with Hanoi Capital region.

- Provision on management in according to the zoning designs:

+ In according to current provisions of the Law on Construction, used as basis for management, performance under approved designs.

+ Provisions in management on urban and rural landscape architecture.

5. Requirement on product dossier:

Component of dossier and content of design in according to the Government's Decree No.08/2005/ND-CP, of January 24, 2005 on planning construction;

6. Organization for implementation:

- Agency organizing formulation of zoning: the Ministry of Construction.

- Agency performing appraisal and submission for approval: the Ministry of Construction.

- The approval level: the Prime Minister

- Duration for formulation of zoning does not exceed 12 months after the task of zoning has been approved.

The Ministry of Construction shall hire advisory organizations, international experts to participate in research during course of elaboration and argument for respect to design on zoning construction of region; organize work, survey, learning in some countries having similar condition.

Article 2. To assign the Ministry of Construction:

- To assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with Ministries, sectors and localities in course of direction of formulation and appraisal of design adjusting the zoning on Hanoi Capital region construction ensuring quality and schedule.

- To synthesize, integrate contents participated in research of relevant Ministries, sectors and localities in region during course of formulation, appraisal for adjustment of zoning on Hanoi Capital region construction.

- To allocate capital sources, approve estimation of cost for formulation of adjusting zoning on Hanoi Capital construction by 2030 and vision till 2050 and other relevant activities.

Article 3. This decision takes effect from the day of signing.

Ministers of Construction, Planning and Investment, Finance, Industry and Trade, Transport, Natural Resources and Environment, Culture, Sport and Tourism, Agriculture and Rural Development, Education and Training, Health, National Defense; People’s Committee of Hanoi city, People’s Committee of provinces: Vinh Phuc, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Hung Yen, Ha Nam, Hoa Binh, Phu Tho, Thai Nguyen, Bac Giang and heads of relevant agencies shall implement this Decision.




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