Independence - Freedom – Happiness
No. 1928/QD-TTg
Hanoi, November 20, 2009
Pursuant to the December 25, 2001 Law on Organization of the Government;
Pursuant to the Government's Resolution No. 61/2007/NQ-CP of December 7, 2007, on continued implementation of the IXth Party Central Committee Secretariat's Directive No. 32-CT/TW on the Party's increased leadership in law dissemination and education and raising law awareness of officers and people;
Pursuant to the Prime Minister's Decision No. 37/2008/QD-TTg of March 12, 2008, approving the program on law dissemination and education from 2008 to 2012;
At the proposal of the Minister of Education and Training,
Article 1. To approve the Scheme on quality improvement of law dissemination and education at schools with the following principal contents:
1. Objectives
To raise the quality and effectiveness of law dissemination and education at schools. To create remarkable changes in awareness about and sense of respect for and law-abiding behaviors of teachers, education administrators and students, contributing to stabilizing the educational environment and improving the quality of comprehensive education.
2. Requirements
a/ To take over previous results of and experience in law dissemination and education, ensuring the continuity and systematicity of law dissemination and education.
b/ To select contents and forms of law dissemination and education suitable to target groups of different ages, trades and occupations and in different geographical areas along the line of associating theory with realities, learning with practice.
c/ To combine curricular with extra-curricular activities; to reasonably integrate and incorporate legal contents into Ethics and Citizen Education and some other subjects of general education; to ensure the transferability of knowledge between educational grades and training levels. To combine lecturing with outside-class educational activities.
d/ To combine law dissemination and education with ethics education and the response to emulation campaigns and movements in the education sector; to coordinate forces in charge of law dissemination and education within and outside the education sector.
3. Scheme implementation scope and duration
The Scheme shall be implemented at all educational grades and training levels of the national education system from 2009 to 2012.
4. Tasks
a/ To teach appropriate legal knowledge at all educational grades and training levels:
- For preschool education: To introduce some simple legal contents on traffic, family, environment, sanitation at public places and food hygiene and safety into games for preschool-age groups in order to prepare initial psychological sense of law for future first graders;
- For general education: To improve the quality of teaching and learning Ethics and Citizen Education subjects towards providing knowledge and drilling skills to perform basic civil rights and obligations and law-established rights and obligations associated with students' life and study. To attach importance to legal contents on traffic safety, environmental protection, food hygiene and safety and social evil prevention and control. To attach particular importance to education to raise students' sense of law compliance and lawful habits. Ethnics and Citizen Education curricula at the general education level must, to some extent, have a flexible design to enable appropriate adaptation in different geographical areas;
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