Decision No. 2414/QD-TTg dated December 11, 2013 of the Prime Minister on adjusting list, schedule of several power projects and providing for a few of special regulations and policies for investment in high priority power works during 2013- 2020

Pursuant to the December 25, 2001 Law on Organization of Government;

Pursuant to the November 26, 2003 Law on Construction;

Pursuant to the December 03, 2004 Law on Electricity; the November 20, 2012 Law on amending and supplementing a number of articles of Law on Electricity;

Pursuant to Law on bidding, Law amending and supplementing several articles of laws related to investment in capital construction; Government’s Decree No. 85/2009/ND-CP dated October 15, 2009, guiding implementation of Law on bidding and the selection of contractors under the Law on Construction;

Pursuant to the Government’s Decree No. 12/2009/ND-CP dated February 10, 2009, on managing of investment projects on the construction of works, the Government’s Decree No. 83/2009/ND-CP dated October 15, 2009, on amending and supplementing several articles of the Government's Decree no. 12/2009/ND-CP of February 12, 2009, on management of work construction investment projects;

Pursuant to the Government’s Resolution No. 104/NQ-CP dated September 06, 2013;

Pursuant to Decision No. 1208/QD-TTg dated July 21, 2011 of the Prime Minister approving the national master plan on power development during 2011-2020 with consideration till 2030;

At the proposal of Minister of Industry and Trade,


Article 1. To adjust list of a few of projects on power source and grid during 2013 – 2020 and provide for a few special regulations and policies for investment in construction of the high priority power projects aiming to satisfy the power need during 2014 – 2020 and period after 2020.

Article 2. To adjust list and schedule of putting into operation of a few of projects on power source and grid by 2020 as follows:

a) Not to perform balance before 2020 for the power source projects: Projects on power import and projects on coal-burning thermal-power plants which have not yet confirmed the schedule of implementation.

b) Projects of Thermal-power plant in the O Mon Power Center are put synchronously into project on bringing gas from the B lot to shore.

c) To supplement projects to the power planning VII:

- Adjusting capacity of project on Cam Pha Thermal-power plant 3 from capacity of 2x135 MW up to capacity of 2x220 MW, putting into operation in 2019.

- The Pleiku 500kV switching station 2.

d) Projects on Hydro-power plant, projects on power source using renewable energy do not belong to scope of adjustment of schedule and list stated in this Decision.

The list and schedule to put projects on Thermal-power plant by 2020 into operation are prescribed in Annex enclosed with this Decision.

Article 3. The high priority  power projects which are performed construction investment during 2014 – 2020 and allowed to apply the special regulations and policies in this Decision include the following projects:

1. Projects on Thermal-power plants such as: Long Phu 1, Vinh Tan 4, Duyen Hai 3 expanded and the Pleiku 500 kV switching station 2.

2. The high priority works of power source and grid already approved by the Prime Minister according to proposals of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Article 4. The special regulations and policies applied to the high priority power projects:

1. The high priority power projects are projects meeting the following criteria:

- Projects of power source and grid that must put into operation previously to prevent overloading for an area of Power grid or to offset the power source capacity volume lacked due to the schedule delay of other power projects.

- The projects on power grid that need to be invested previously in order to ensure the synchronism with projects on power source or that have important role in regulating the capacity of power source among zones.

2. Regarding preparation for project investment

a) Investors are allowed to apply form of appointment of domestic advisory contractor for the following affairs: Service bidding packages of advisory for making investment project, advisory for verification, appraisal; bidding packages related to the work of compensation and resettlement; bidding packages of making, verifying, appraising technical design; bidding packages of advisory for making the social-environment report and supervision advisory during the course of implementation of projects.

The orders of and procedures for appointment of bidding packages mentioned above shall comply with Law on bidding and documents guiding implementation.

b) If the domestic main advisory contractor needs assistance of foreign consultants, cost for hiring foreign consultants must be clearly defined in contract signed between the investor and the domestic main advisory contractor.

c) Investors of projects are allowed to approve the investment projects when they have the following conditions:

- Plan on mobilizing capital for project (Already had the principle agreements on capital supply from credit institutions).

- Register for satisfaction of environmental standards as prescribed.

d) For high priority projects on power source, together with the course of appraisal for approving the investment project, the investors are allowed to proactive organize the making, appraisal and approval of technical design and carry out the previous construction of auxiliary items of projects, including: Traffic infrastructure constructions to connect to premises of project; the work of leveling premises of plant; system of electricity and water supply for construction; the information and communication system; auxiliary facilities; the initial housing and working area; compensation for ground clearance and compensation for population relocation and resettlement; system of observation, measurement and mine sweeping. Estimate of the approved work items, investors are allowed to sum up and include in total of investment level and total estimate of project.

dd) For the high priority projects on power grid for transmission, the investors are allowed to carry out a part of the work of survey and advisory for making technical design together with the course of appraisal, approval for investment projects, provided that the parts of work performed previously must be suitable with scope of line plan, proposals on implementation according to written line agreement of the provincial People’s Committee where project is carried out. 

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