Decision No.  339/QD-TTg dated February 19, 2013 of the Prime Minister on approving the overall economy restructure scheme attached to the growth model transfer towards the improvement of quality, effectiveness and competition capacity in the 2013 – 2020 period
Pursuant to the December 25, 2001 Law on Government organization;
Pursuant to the Resolution of the 3rd Conference o-f the IXth Central Party Executive Committee;
Pursuant to the Resolution No. 11/2011/QH13 dated November 09, 2011 of National Assembly on the 2012 socio-economic development plan;
Pursuant to the Resolution No. 10/NQ-CP dated April 24, 2012 of the Government promulgating the action program of the Government in implementation of socio-economic development strategy during 2011 – 2020 and directions, tasks to develop country in 5 years from 2011 to 2015;
Pursuant to the Resolution No. 83/NQ-CP dated December 07, 2012 of the Government on the Government’s periodical session in November 2012;
At the proposal of the Minister of Planning and Investment,
Article 1. To approve the overall economy restructure scheme attached to the growth model transfer towards the improvement of quality, effectiveness and competition capacity in the 2013 – 2020 period (hereinafter called the Scheme) with the main contents as follows:
1. Overall objectives
To implement restructuring economy in association with transfer of growth model under roadmap and suitable steps in order to basically form model of depth economy growth, ensuring quality of growth, enhance effectiveness and competition capacity of the economy by 2020.
2. Specific objectives
a) To complete socialist-oriented market economy institutions, create a leverage system, the suitable, rational, stable and long-term encourages, especially tax priorities and other measures to promote investment, to promote essential distribution and use of social resources under market mechanism in advantageous competitive sectors, products, raising labor productivity, productivity of general elements and competitive capacity.
b) To form and develop a rational economic structure on the basis of improving, upgrading development level of sectors, fields, economical region; to develop sectors, fields using high technology, creating high added value and step by step replacing sectors with low technology, low added value for becoming key economy.
c) To step by step consolidate internal force of the economy, to take initiative in international integration and consolidation of national position in the international, maintain politic stability, assure national security, social order and security.
3. Objective on restructuring the economy
a) To further renew thinking, clearly delineate role, function of state and market for minimizing barriers, creating motive force in encouraging the shift, allocation and use of production elements, especially capital and human resource based on signal of market. To improve capacity and effectiveness in national administration, to promote state’s role in creating and supporting development through mechanisms, policies, economic leverage, and minimize use of administratively interfering measures.
b) To combine harmoniously solution of important and urgent issues with basic and long-term issues, toward to objective of sustainable development; to prioritize for medium and long - term objectives, growth quality; economic growth associated with inflation control, stability of macro-economy, to realize social progress and justice, to preserve traditional national cultural values which are typical and friendly with environment, to develop green economy, assure the social order and security, consolidate security and defense.
c) To promote development of competitive advantageous of sectors, fields, economic areas and localities, to respect and promote agricultural advantageous, strongly develop service and tourism economy; toward to construction of economic structure with key economic sectors as focus and diverse development of business types and sectors, able to adapt with rapid changes of overseas and domestic socio-economic development under objective of green, stable and sustainable economy growth.