Decision No.  346/QD-TTg dated February 22, 2013 of the Prime Minister approving the Scheme on restructuring Vietnam Paper Corporation in 2013 - 2013
Pursuant to the Law on Government organization dated December 25th 2001;
Pursuant to the Decision No. 929/QD-TTg dated July 17, 2012 of the Prime Minister, approving the Scheme for restructuring state-owned enterprise, especially state-owned corporations during 2011 – 2015;
At the proposal of the Minister of Industry and Trade and the Member Council of Vietnam Paper Corporation,
Article 1. Approving the scheme for restructuring Vietnam Paper Corporation (Vinapaco) during 2013 – 2015, in particular:
Ensure that Vinapaco has a reasonable structure, focus on the production of paper, paper pulp, planting and harvesting pulpwood forests; increase the productivity and competitiveness together with environment protection; assume the pivotal role in the paper industry of Vietnam; contribute to the socio-economic development, national defense and security, especially in remote areas and ethnic areas
1. Lines of business:
a) Primary lines of business: producing and trading paper, paper pulp, paper products; planting and harvesting pulpwood forests.
b) Lines of business serving the primary lines:
- Producing and trading timber from planted forests;
- Producing and trading electricity, water, steam, supplies, machinery, equipment, and chemicals serving the paper industry.
c) Other lines of business decided by the Minister of Industry and Trade.
2. The charter capital of Vinapaco is decided by the Minister of Industry and Trade after reaching an agreement with the Ministry of Finance.
3. The classification and arrangement of member units of Vinapaco during 2012 – 2015:
a) The parent company – Vinapaco is still a enterprise of which 100% of capital is funded by the State, and the following 20 affiliated units:
- Vinapaco’s branches in Hanoi;
- Vinapaco’s branches in Da Nang city;
- Vinapaco’s branches in Ho Chi Minh city;
- Cau Ham Forestry Company;
- Ngoi Sao Forestry Company;
- Vinh Hao Forestry Company;
- Tan Thanh Forestry Company;
- Ham Yen Forestry Company;
- Tan Phong Forestry Company;
- Doan Hung Forestry Company;
- Thanh Hoa Forestry Company;
- Song Thao Forestry Company;
- Yen Lap Forestry Company;
- Tam Son Forestry Company;
- Xuan Dai Forestry Company;
- Tam Thang Forestry Company;
- Tam Thanh Forestry Company;
- Lap Thach Forestry Company;
- Cam Ngoc Forestry Company;
- Lang Chanh Forestry Company;