Independence - Freedom - Happiness
No. 80/2006/QD-TTg
Hanoi, April 14, 2006
Pursuant to the December 25, 2001 Law on Organization of the Government;
Pursuant to the December 3, 2004 Electricity Law;
At the proposal of the Minister of Industry,


Article 1.- To approve the 2006-2010 electricity-saving program with the following principal contents:
To raise community awareness, build up a sense of using electricity thriftily and efficiently for the sustained development of the country, to carry out activities of thrifty and efficient use of electricity in the daily life of every family and the society.
To ensure the thrifty and efficient use of electricity, the stable supply of electricity for production, business and consumption and minimize the stoppage and reduction of electricity supply.
1. To mobilize the entire population to participate in electricity saving
a/ Objectives:
To enhance the work of propagation, information dissemination, education and community mobilization so as to raise people's awareness and change their electricity-using habits, step up the thrifty and efficient use of electricity in the entire society.
b/ Contents:

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- To develop radio and television programs on thrifty use of electricity to be broadcast on the Radio Voice of Vietnam, Vietnam Television Station as well as local radio and television stations with appropriate time volumes in forms of direct talks, technology information, reportages on electricity-saving activities, introduction of typical electricity-saving models,...
- To develop a specialized television program in order to introduce electricity-saving products, to supply necessary information on electricity-saving products, to orient and encourage the habit of using electricity thriftily, concentrating on the use of lighting equipment, air conditioners, refrigerators, office equipment and other electric equipment.
- To open training courses on electricity saving for managerial officials, technical and technological officials, propagators... throughout the country.
- To launch movements and create conditions for the entire society to participate in the electricity-saving program, such as organization of contests, emulation movements, introduction of typical examples, models of electricity-saving families, units, enterprises, buildings...
- To distribute leaflets, posters, advertisements, manuals with instructions on thrifty and efficient use of electricity, introduction of typical electricity saving models of localities, enterprises... for widespread dissemination and application.
- To launch a website on energy saving, which is placed under the Industry Ministry's management and operates as from 2006.
c/ Organization of implementation:
- The Industry Ministry shall assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the Radio Voice of Vietnam, Vietnam Television Station and the Electricity of Vietnam in, elaborating specific plans with detailed contents and schedules for implementation of specialized radio and television programs on electricity saving;
- The Ministry of Culture and Information shall direct provincial/municipal Services of Culture and Information, the mass media of provinces, centrally-run cities and localities to actively propagate the State's policy on electricity saving and mobilize the entire population to apply electricity-saving measures.
- The Electricity of Vietnam shall coordinate with the mass media in intensifying activities of propagation for electricity saving, drawing up and implementing plans on propagation for electricity saving suitable to the electricity supply situation, recommending electricity-saving measures, guiding the rational use of electricity, announcing timetables for electricity cut in case of electricity shortage.

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- Provincial/municipal People's Committees:
+ To coordinate with the Industry Ministry, and the Electricity of Vietnam in directing provincial/municipal Industry Services and local Energy-Saving Centers to organize communication activities in localities.
+ To direct the inclusion of electricity-saving contents in the public-addressing programs in districts, communes, villages.
2. Electricity saving at public offices, head-quarters of agencies
a/ Objectives:
To put the thrifty and efficient use of electricity at agencies and units into order, saving at least 10% of annual electricity expenditures of agencies, units.
b/ Contents:
To formulate regulations on electricity use, on replacement and repair of electric equipment at agencies, units, abiding by the following principles:
- To switch off unnecessary electric equipment upon leaving rooms and after working hours. To turn off all electricity sources if equipment are not in use after working hours.
- To make the fullest use of natural light and air ventilation, to reduce the number of lighting lamps when the number of people working in rooms decreases. To design and install common lighting systems in a rational manner, reducing at least 50% of the lighting bulbs at corridors, yard areas, gardens, fences.

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- To use air conditioners only when really necessary and set the temperature at 25°C or over. To use electric fans instead of air conditioners when it is not too hot.
- As from 2006, only to use T8 and T5 high-effect fluorescent lamps (36W/32W, 18W) to replace the out-of-order T1 0 low-effect fluorescent lamps (40W, 20W), compact lamps in replacement of filament lamps at proper places in order to ensure that within a short period of time only electricity-saving lamps and lighting equipment (including electric current controllers). Upon replacement of electric equipment, it is encouraged to use electric equipment stuck with energy-saving labels.
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