Independence - Freedom - Happiness
No. 81/2006/QD-TTg
Hanoi, April 14, 2006
Pursuant to the December 25, 2001 Law on Organization of the Government;
Pursuant to the May 20, 1998 Law on Water Resources;
Pursuant to the Government's Decree No. 91/2002/ ND-CP of November 11, 2002, defining the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment;
At the proposal of the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment,
Article 1.- To approve the national strategy on water resources to 2020 with the following major contents:
A. Viewpoints
1. Water resources constitute a major component of the living environment, a particularly important element to ensure the successful implementation of socio-economic development strategies, plannings and plans as well as the maintenance of national defense and security.
2. Water resources are under the entire people's ownership and uniformly managed by the State. All organizations and individuals have the right to exploit and use water resources to meet their daily-life and production demands, and have also the responsibility to protect and develop water resources in a sustainable manner, prevent and mitigate harms caused by water in accordance with the provisions of law.
3. Water resources must be managed in an integrated and uniform manner, on the basis of river basins. The water use structure must conform with economic restructuring in the period of accelerated national industrialization and modernization.
4. Water resources must be developed in a sustainable manner; exploited and used thriftily, efficiently, in an integrated manner and for multi-purposes. Water products must be considered commodities; subsidy mechanism must be soon eliminated and the protection and development of water resources and the provision of water services be socialized.
5. To cooperate, share benefits, and ensure equity and rationality in the exploitation, use, protection and development of water resources as well as the prevention and mitigation of harms caused by water in trans-boundary rivers and river basins on the principles of ensuring national sovereignty, territorial integrity and national interests.
B. Guiding principles
1. The national strategy on water resources must be implemented in a coordinated and incremental manner and with targets. The implementation of the strategy is of urgent and long-term nature, contributing to the realization of national industrialization and modernization from now to 2020 and subsequent years.
2. The management, protection and development of water resources must ensure the systematism of river basins, not be divided by administrative boundaries and concurrently ensure the natural disposition of aquatic systems, water basins and ecosystems, especially of precious and rare aquatic species of scientific and economic value; preserve and develop the diversity and originality of Vietnam's aquatic ecosystems.
3. To enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the state management of water resources; raise the responsibilities of organizations and individuals in the protection, exploitation and use of water resources, as well as the prevention, mitigation and remedying of consequences and harms caused by water.
4. The socio-economic development must be associated with the capacity of water sources, with the protection and development of water resources. The exploitation and use of water resources must be integrated and for many purposes, harmonizing interests of branches, localities and communities in the comprehensive relationship between upstream and downstream, between areas and regions, ensuring balance and concentration for high socio­economic benefits and environmental protection.
5. Investment in the protection and sustainable development of water resources is investment for development, which will bring about immediate and long-term socio-economic benefits. The State shall guarantee necessary investment resources, adopt policies to mobilize contributions of enterprises and communities and expand international cooperation so as to increase investments in the management, protection, sustainable development of water resources and the prevention, mitigation of harms caused by water.
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