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No: 88-TTg
Hanoi, February 13, 1995
Pursuant to the Law on Organization of the Government on the 30th of September 1992;
At the proposal No.3712-UBVPTD on the 9th of December 1994 of the Council for Evaluation of State-Level Economic and Technical Feasibility Studies on the program for the Hanoi Highly Specialized Medical Center;
At the proposal of the Minister of Health;
Article 1.- To approve the program of building the Hanoi Highly Specialized Medical Center with the following main contents:
1. Objective of the program:
Overall objective:
To build and develop the health and medical establishments in Hanoi into a strong center, step by step modernizing them in order to catch up with the regional and world standard, thus making an important contribution to the protection and care for the health of the population with an ever higher quality.
Concrete objectives:
- To renew and supplement the equipment in order to raise the quality of prognostic and treatment.
- To invest in building and repairing in order to upgrade the infrastructure and make them compatible with the equipment for better service of patients.
- To intensify training and upgrading cadres with a high professional and managerial standard.
2. Scope of the investment selection for the Hanoi Highly Specialized Medical Center;
a/ Phase 1: 1995 and 1996:
To conduct intensive investment in five establishments, i.e. the Bach Mai hospital, the Viet-Duc Hospital, the Army Medical Institute 108, the Huu Nghi Hospital and the Hanoi Medical College.
b/ Phase 2: from 1997 to the year 2000;
To continue the investment in a number of spear-head and topmost units of the hospitals in the Hanoi area.
3. Tasks of the units in the Hanoi Highly Specialized Medical Center:
- To conduct specialized high techniques aimed at raising the quality of prognostic and treatment.
- To serve as a practice establishment for the Hanoi Medical and Pharmaceutical College, to ensure the quality of university and post-graduate training for the health service.
- To conduct scientific research works at a high technical level.
- To direct scientific and technical work in specialized branches in order to achieve a new step in the development of healthcare and medicine.
- To broaden international cooperation in the domain of healthcare and medicine.
4. Steps to be taken in the realization of the contents of the program:
a/ Phase 1 (1995-1996): Investing in upgrading the equipment and the material bases of the Bach Mai Hospital, the Huu Nghi Hospital, the Viet-Duc Hospital, the Army Medical Institute 108 and the Hanoi Medical College, especially in the following establishments:
- The prognostic laboratories.
- The testing laboratories.
- The treatment units.
- The International Department.
- The modern teaching means.
- To build new units and repair the existing units of the infrastructure in order to match the modern equipment.
b/ Phase 2 (1997-2000):
- To continue investing in the Bach Mai Hospital, the Viet-Duc Hospital, the Huu Nghi Hospital, the Army Medical Institute 108 and the Hanoi Medical College.
- To increase investment in the spearhead and highly specialized units of the topmost units in the Hanoi area.
5. Budget:
a/ The sources of funding comprise:
- State budget allocations made according to the concrete projects of each hospital and spearhead unit registered in the program.
- Foreign aid (non-refund aid of foreign governments and international organizations).
- Low-interest loans for the building of the Highly Specialized Medical Center.
b/ Investment structure:
- 50% of the investment shall be devoted to specialized medical equipment which must be modern, in order to ensure high results in prognostic and treatment. At the same time to observe a certain balance between the modern equipment and the managerial and operational capability and the financial capability. In the process of renewing the medical equipment, there must be measures to make the best use of the exiting equipment.
- 10% will be spent on spare parts and other materials.
- 20% will be for training.
- 20% will be for capital construction.
c/ Retrieval of capital:
The Ministry of Health shall direct the five establishments, namely the Bach Mai Hospital, the Huu Nghi Hospital, the Viet-Duc Hospital, the Army Medical Institute 108, the Hanoi Medical College, and other units which receive investments, to take measures to retrieve part of the investment according to State regulations in order to economize for the State budget.
Article 2.- The Minister of Health shall have to set up and directly guide the Steering Committee for the construction of the Hanoi Highly Specialized Medical Center to carry out this program as directed by the State.
Article 3.- The Ministry of Finance and the State Planning Committee shall have to plan and allocate the annual budget to the Hanoi Highly Specialized Medical Center at the proposal of the Ministry of Health.
Article 4.- The Minister-Director of the Office of the Government, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Finance, the Chairman of the State Planning Committee, and the Heads of the concerned ministerial-level agencies and agencies attached to the Government shall have to implement this Decision

Nguyen Khanh