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No. 904/1997/QD-TTg
Hanoi ,October 23, 1997
Pursuant to the Law on Organization of the Government of September 30, 1992;
At the proposals of the Minister of Construction and the President of the Peoples Committee of Ha Tinh province in Report No. 15/BXD-UBT of September 18, 1997,
Article 1.- To approve the general planning orientation for the Vung Ang industrial and sea port zone in Ha Tinh province with the following principal contents:
1. Location: The Vung Ang industrial and seaport zone is located in Ky Anh district, Ha Tinh province.
2. Characteristics:
- Being one of the industrial parks in northern Central Vietnam;
- Being a deep-water seaport of Vung Ang - Son Duong, an inter-regional and international traffic junction;
- Being one of the trade and service centers of northern Central Vietnam;
- Occupying an important position for national security and defense.
3. Size:
- Population size: This entire area shall have a total population of around 90,000 by 2005 and approximately 120,000 by 2020.
- Land area: the land area under use shall be approximately 2,097 hectares by 2005 and about 3,825 hectares by 2020.
4. Space development orientation:
The Vung Ang industrial and seaport zone comprises the following main functional areas:
- Vung Ang - Son Duong seaport, including two separate ports: A multi-purpose commercial port to the west of Ron Cape with an area of about 250 hectares and a specialized port to the east of Ron Cape with an area of about 220 hectares.
- Industrial Park No. 1: attached to Son Duong-Vung Ang seaport, with an area of about 1,805 hectares, where the steel refinery and rolling, ship building, mechanical engineering and local industries shall be developed;
- Industrial Park No. 2: attached to Son Duong seaport, with an area of about 1,170 hectares, where the chemical and other industrial establishments shall be developed; being one of the locations where the development of the petro-chemical, oil refinery industry and oil services may be considered;
- The civil area: to be constructed on the area of the existing district town of Ky Anh and expanded to the west of national highway 1A, with an area of some 850 hectares.
5. Technical infrastructure development orientation:
- Communications: To organize an outbound communications network and inter-sectional works, including: national highway 1A; a road linking the urban center and the industrial parks to the North-South highway; a road linking Vung Ang port to Tha Khet provincial town, Kham Muon province, the Democratic Republic of Laos; a railway connecting Vung Ang port with Duc Lac railway station; the deep-water Vung Ang port; an outbound car terminal by national highway 1A and close to the urban center.
- Water supply: The water source is Song Rac lake and another lake of Rao Tro shall be built to supply more water for production and peoples life.
- Power supply: The power source is the national power grid via 500/220 KV station of Ha Tinh; a 220/110 KV station of Vung Ang and a 110/22 KV station of Ky Anh shall be built.
- Water drainage and environmental hygiene: To build in the civil area separate networks for drainage of rainwater and dirty water which shall be treated at a water treatment station before discharged into the river; waste industrial water in the industrial parks should be isolated and treated at each factory to reach the hygiene standards before discharged into the sea.
6. First-phase construction until 2005:
To focus on building a multi-purpose port of Vung Ang and essential technical infrastructure projects to meet the industrial development requirements.
7. Major solutions:
To materialize the general planning orientation, the Peoples Committee of Ha Tinh province should initiate and creatively apply the policy and mechanism suitable to the conditions of the area so as to mobilize various resources inside and outside the country.
The Peoples Committee of Ha Tinh province shall organize the implementation and concretize the approved general planning orientation into different projects on the use of industrial and urban land, work out a detailed planning on the urban functional centers, investment projects, make long-term, mid-term and short-term plans in service of the managerial and executive work.
Article 2.- The Peoples Committees of Ha Tinh province shall closely supervise and monitor the execution of the planning. The ministries and branches at central level shall have to coordinate with and assist the province in the process of execution so as to ensure the compliance of the overall planning orientation for the Vung Ang industrial and seaport zone with the strategy and planning on the development of the socio-economic branches as well as with the socio-economic planning of the province, the northern central region and the whole country.
To assign the Minister of Construction to issue a regulation on the management of construction according to the overall planning on the Vung Ang industrial and seaport zone.
Article 3.- This Decision takes effect 15 days after its signing. The President of the Peoples Committee, the ministers, the heads of the ministerial-level agencies and agencies attached to the Government shall have to execute this Decision.



Ngo Xuan Loc