The current alarming fact is that disputes over land inheritance are happening more and more, disputes can arise between parents and children, between siblings, brothers and sisters in the family, between grandparents with grandchildren, among other relatives in the family together, rather than merely arising disputes over land inheritance with other third parties.
From the cases that clients require Minh Khue Law Firm's lawyer to advise and answer, as well as based on the actual situation, the cases have been and are being resolved at the Court, or the competent state authorities, the issue of resolving inheritance disputes related to land is a complicated issue, requiring a lawyer with expertise in the field of inheritance consultancy to help inside so the dispute can be resolved quickly, efficiently and economically.
Minh Khue Law Firm will advise and answer legal issues related to land inheritance for clients to consult and use our consulting services if needed:
- Advising on the provisions of the law on conditions for wills, individuals and organizations entitled to inherit inheritance are land according to the will;
- Consult the provisions of the law to determine the form, the content of wills in accordance with the provisions of the law to make establishments to resolve disputes;
- Providing legal advice on the time of opening inheritance, announcing the content of wills, and the statute of limitations for initiating lawsuits requesting the settlement of land inheritance disputes;
- Consulting on the order and procedures for division of land inheritance according to the will;
- Legal advice, application of legal provisions in the case to give advice, orient ways of handling land inheritance so as to ensure the best rights and interests among members in the family, or between subjects entitled to inheritance as land (including land, houses, construction works, assets attached to land);
- Consultation on the provisions of the law on the agreement on claiming inheritance according to the content of the will, carrying out the procedure to transfer the certificate of land use right as prescribed if the land has been granted a certificate;
- Advise and support clients in preparing documents, applications, written agreements of the beneficiaries of inheritance, as well as other related entities to protect their rights;
- Consult relevant legal provisions to resolve disputes on land inheritance according to each will;
- Advice on the rights and obligations of entities entitled to land inheritance from wills;
- Advice on handling and resolving land division when an entity is entitled to an estate in the content of a will that refuses to receive the estate;
- Support all legal issues of land inheritance when there is a will corresponding to each specific requirement of the client.
The division of inheritance according to law only arises when and only if the estate-leaver does not make a will or make but it is invalid, the will has no legal effect or has a partial effect. Accordingly, Minh Khue Law Firm offers free online legal advice to you with the following basic issues:
- Advice on cases where heirs have the right to request the division of inheritance (land, houses, apartments, works and other assets attached to land) according to law, even in the case there is a will;
- Advice on entities entitled to inheritance under law, cases not entitled to inheritance;
- Advising on the provisions of the law on land inheritance in cases where the children die first, die at the same time as the estate leavers, in the form of inheritance prescribed by law;
- Advising on the provisions of the law on how to divide inheritance of land, houses, apartments, works and other assets attached to land;
- Advice on settling disputes related to land inheritance between husband and wife, between parents and children (including adoptive parents with adopted children, stepmother, stepfather with stepchildren), grandparents with grandchildren, between family members;
- Advising and making a number of options to implement the division of land inheritance quickly and effectively for clients to choose;
- Consulting the preparation of relevant documents and records to claim land inheritance according to law;
- Consult the process and procedures for the declaration of land inheritance as prescribed;
- Consulting and answering each other specific problems of land inheritance division according to law.
In fact, there are some special cases related to inheritance of land that clients may encounter, depending on each specific case, based on information provided by clients, lawyers of Minh Khue Law Firm will offer appropriate and beneficial solutions to clients. Special land inheritance issues that clients may encounter are:
- Consulting and resolving disputes for wills that are only partially effective, the rest will be divided into land in accordance with the law;
- Consultation and orientation of land dispute resolution on inheritance is the common property of husband or wife or common property with individuals and organizations;
- Consult on inheritance of land in case one of the heirs is a person who has not yet been born at the time of the estate-leaver dead;
- Advice on land inheritance after division, registered / granted the land use right certificate, ownership of houses and other assets attached to the land but incurred disputes or appear one / more new heirs or have one / several heirs denied the inheritance rights;
- Advising on the provisions of the current law on limiting the division of land inheritance;
- Advice on the determination of rights and obligations, subjects may register for issuance of certificates of land use rights, ownership of houses and other assets attached to land (Red book / Pink book / Contract title) in case the person leaving the estate has not yet been granted a certificate;
- Advice on the division of land inheritance when the land or house, apartment is not eligible to separate the parcel, split into two new certificates.

Free online legal consultancy on land inheritance law via telephone

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To be able to contact a team of online land inheritance legal counsel, please perform the following step:
Step 1: Pick up the phone, call our hotline 0986.386.648 (meet lawyer To Thi Phuong Dzung)
Step 2: Clients present their problems in detail, details of circumstances and matters related to land inheritance
Step 3: Lawyers and clients exchange information, anticipate possible cases, customer requirements and expectations.
Step 4: Closing the problem, the lawyer gives the solution to the client to choose and analyze the pros and cons of each option
If clients need to use lawyer services to participate in land inheritance settlement at competent state agencies or drafting consulting letters or other legal documents, the lawyer will quote the details to the client corresponding to the service that the client wants to use.

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