According to the provisions of the current law, inheritance is divided into two categories: inherited base on the law and base on the will (if the will meets all the conditions prescribed by law). Therefore, the team of lawyers of Minh Khue Law Firm will also provide customers with corresponding lawyer services in the settlement of inheritance disputes related to the will, as well as legal inheritance disputes in the most accurate and specific way.
Minh Khue Law will advise and answer questions for clients in accordance with the current law on inheritance with the following basic contents:
- Legal consultation on inheritance rights, individuals who have the right to make a will, have the right to leave their property to individuals or organizations;
- Advice on how to determine who is the heir, which individuals and organizations are entitled to inherit in accordance with the law;
- Advising on the provisions of the law on the time, place and time of opening the inheritance;
- Consult the identification of the type of property considered to be the legacy of the dead;
- Advice on the time when the rights and obligations of the heirs arise, as well as advice on the responsibilities of the heirs to perform the property obligations of the decedent;
- Advising on the provisions of the law on the management of heritage managers, the rights and obligations of estate managers;

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- Advise and explain the provisions of the law on those who are not entitled to inheritance, resolve cases of one of the heirs or the entire heir refusing to receive the inheritance;
- Counsel for clients to choose the best handling plan in case the estate has no heirs;
- Counseling and explaining the regulations on the time limit for inheritance, how to determine the inheritance limitation (time for heirs, persons with related rights and obligations to request competent state agencies to solve deciding the division of inheritance according to the agreement or settling the dispute related to inheritance);
- Advising on the provisions of law on regulations on wills and inheritance according to law;
- Advice and legal support for clients with other legal issues related to each request, each actual case of clients in accordance with the law.

2. Lawyer service to resolve disputes relate to wills

When there are any inheritance problems, disputes related to the preparation, management and implementation of wills, please contact Minh Khue Law Firm immediately, we will advise and answer the questions about legal issues for you include but are not limited to the following:
- Advising on legal regulations on the will, the objects are able to make wills to determine exactly the wills to make the plan to handle disputes;
- Consultation on resolving disputes related to the form and content of wills;
- Consulting on resolving legal issues related to disputes in determining wills, validity of wills, contents of wills according to law provisions;
- Advising on dispute resolution on determination of witnesses, procedures for making wills at competent state agencies, notary offices / notarization practice organizations according to provisions of law;
- Consulting and resolving disputes when there is a change, addition, cancellation or replacement of the contents of the will;
- Resolve disputes about inheritance division, how to identify inheritance used for worship or donation;
- Settling disputes arising in the performance of property obligations of the heirs corresponding to the part of property received from the deceased in the will;
- Settling disputes related to special types of wills such as the common will of both husband and wife, wills related to the common property of many people;
- Disputes on determining the validity of wills according to regulations;
- Propose a solution to solve and deal with issues of processing the inheritance beneficiaries who are not dependent on the content of the will;
- Resolve each specific dispute in different cases of the client. Please provide the most detailed, specific and accurate information to receive the best solution from the lawyer of Minh Khue Law in the case of the client.
Lawyer service to resolve inheritance disputes

Lawyer service to resolve inheritance disputes, please call: 1900.6162

In the event that the heir of the estate has not made a will or has made a will but the will is not valid/not legally, then of course, according to the provisions of law, the estate of the dead will be divided by law. Minh Khue Law Firm provides the following basic dispute resolution services:
- Lawyers in dispute settlement in case of both perform estate division according to the law as well as the will;
- Lawyers to settle disputes related to the determination of heirs according to each inheritance, the rights and obligations of each heir according to the provisions of law;
- Settlement of disputes relating to the successor heir and legal basis, the actual basis to apply this regime, when applying the successive inheritance to ensure legitimate rights and interests for heirs;
- Lawyers deal with disputes related to inheritance issues in some special cases, particularly between adoptive parents and adopted children, between stepchildren and stepmother/stepfather, between divorced spouses, being in the process of settling a divorce, having married another person according to the provisions of law;
- Settlement of disputes over time limits, ways of dividing inheritance, payment order, obligations on inheritance;
- Advice on resolving inheritance disputes according to the law of specific issues, applicable to each case of clients, giving appropriate and most favorable solutions for clients.

4. Method of providing lawyer services of Minh Khue Law for dispute resolution

Currently, Minh Khue Law Firm provides lawyer services to resolve inheritance disputes in two basic forms: Legal consulting services, providing legal documents and Legal representation services, on behalf of clients participate in resolving inheritance disputes. For each service, our team of lawyers will perform the work required by the client, the processes in each service we perform are as below:
When you choose legal advice or services to draft legal documents, the lawyer team will perform the following basic steps:
Step 1: Receive information from clients, documents and evidence attached to clients' requests
Step 2: Gather more information and documents related to the client's case to determine the exact problem we need to advise or support the drafting of legal documents
Step 3: The parties agree, choose the most appropriate solution in resolving disputes related to inheritance in accordance with the law after carefully studying the contents and details of the case, ensuring the best benefits for clients, saving time, cost and bringing the best effect to clients
Step 4: Agreement on the provision of legal services in case clients request written advice or use the service of drafting legal documents related to the settlement of disputes on inheritance of client
Step 5: As soon as the client fulfills the obligation to pay the service cost, the lawyer assigned to solve your problem will proceed to fulfill the request.
Step 6: Transfer legal documents to clients according to the initial agreed time

4.2. Lawyer services on behalf of clients to participate in resolving inheritance disputes

Lawyers participate in resolving inheritance disputes on behalf of clients is the service that when a client signs a legal service contract or a power of attorney to the lawyer of Minh Khue Law firm to join the client in resolving legal issues arising in the process of resolving inheritance disputes, maybe only participating in negotiations, negotiating and agreeing with the remaining disputing parties or maybe participating in litigation at the competent state agency in the proceedings and procedures stipulated by law.
The process of lawyers participating in to resolve inheritance disputes of Minh Khue law:
Step 1: Contact clients, collect necessary information, research documents and papers that clients provide
Step 2: Advise clients about the working process of Minh Khue law, give general solutions for clients to choose
Step 3: The two parties agree to sign a legal service contract, a method of payment of service costs
Step 4: Lawyers conduct negotiations with other entities in dispute relations to resolve disputes
Step 5: Complete the lawsuit dossier in accordance with the law if the client needs to initiate a lawsuit but has not yet filed a lawsuit. In case, the client has filed a lawsuit, is in the process of settling the case, our lawyer will complete the registration procedure to defend the client according to the procedural process prescribed by law.
Step 6: Lawyers take part in the proceedings in the case of clients to protect their legitimate rights and interests in case of inheritance disputes according to the provisions of law.
Step 7: Liquidation of service contracts when the case ends or as agreed by the parties.
If you wish to use legal advisory services, draft legal documents or use a representative lawyer service to resolve inheritance disputes, please contact the following methods:
- Calling for free online legal advice center in the field of resolving inheritance disputes: 1900.6162
- Send our request for inheritance dispute via email: [email protected]
- Go directly to Minh Khue Law Firm's head office: Room 2007, 20th Floor, C2 Building, Vincom Tran Duy Hung, Tran Duy Hung Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.
Look forward to cooperation. /.
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