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+ Investment policy consultancy: investment area, preferential policies and investment support;

+ Advice on rights and obligations of investors;
+ Consulting on investment forms: direct investment, indirect investment, contract investment ...
+ Consult and carry out procedures for applying for investment certificate;
+ Investment project consultancy;
+ Consultancy on the implementation of investment projects;
+ Consultancy on formulation of operation regulations of foreign-invested enterprises: Regulations on management and administration, regulations on salary ...;
+ Consultancy on change and adjustment of investment certificates: Increase and decrease of capital; consultancy on capital transfer; adjust the scope of project activities; change of representative at law ...;
+ Consultancy on investment activities abroad;
+ Land leasing consultancy for setting up production and business establishments;
+ Consultancy on setting up branches, business locations, representative offices in other provinces and cities of Vietnam;
+ Advising activities of transferring profit from investment activities abroad;

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