However, not everyone has a camera to become a photographer. In order to have beautiful, high-artistic photographs, photographers have to pay with their minds, time and creativity. It is therefore unacceptable to copy or manipulate the artwork.

What to do when your work is compromised?

According to the law, photography is one of the types of works protected by copyright and photographic copyright that arose from the time the work was created without having to go through any legal procedure. Therefore, in principle, you can use the name of the author to claim your legitimate rights by requesting the termination of the infringement. But the reality is never so easy because the thieves are often stubborn. That is why you usually have to use the final solution because of court intervention. If so, you continue to fall into another trouble because the responsibility of proof lies with the claimant and you yourself are the one who must provide all the evidence necessary to prove your worth. Maybe until now you realize that not being registered for photography is a big mistake. Therefore, it is not wrong if someone thinks the protection letter is a "birth certificate" for your "spiritual children".

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How to best protect your "spiritual children"?

The solution is simple, you just have to choose for your "baby" a good legal godfather. With experience and professional working style, MKLAW FIRM is proud to be the provider and supporter of the best legal services and maximum protection of your interests.

Materials that you must provide to Minh Khue Law Firm include:

- 03 samples of photography works

- 03 copies of ID card/passport (if being individual), copy of business registration certificate (if organization);
- Letter of authority for Minh Khue Law Firm (draft);
- Specific information about the author: phone number, email, fax;
- Artwork information: published or not; publication time.
You will be directly providing the service:
- Claim benefits when your work is used by others.
- Consulting and implementing procedures for registration of copyright works.
- Directly advise and provide the most comprehensive solution

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