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1. Legal consultancy for each type of enterprise, specifically:

- Select the type of business;

- Model and organizational structure of the enterprise;
- Methods of operation and management;
- Legal advice on the relationship between managerial positions;
- Rights and obligations of members/shareholders;
- Counseling the ratio and method of capital contribution;
- Counseling profit sharing and settlement of arising obligations;
- Counseling the other relevant content.
2. Study legal documents, guide and explain the Law on Investment, Law on Enterprises and other related documents, support clients.
- Based on the requirements and documents provided by our clients, we will analyze and evaluate the legality and suitability of the requirements of the work;
- In cases where clients need a lawyer to participate in negotiation, meet with clients' partners in the establishment of the company, we will arrange, ensure participation as required;
- We represent clients for translation, notarization of relevant papers.
3. Completing the dossier for establishment of an enterprise and applying for issuance of investment certificate:
- Advising and finalizing minutes of meetings of founders;
- Consulting and finalizing the business cooperation contract/joint venture contract;
- Written registration/request for issuance of investment certificate:
- Establish investment projects;
- Consulting and drafting company charter;
- Drafting list of members/shareholders list;
- Authorization letter;
- Notarization of relevant documents;
- The other relevant papers.
4. Representatives of the client to carry out the procedures:
- Apply for Investment Certificate;
- Monitoring the processing and notification of the submitted dossiers;
- Receive investment certificate at the Department of Planning and Investment;
- Carrying out the registration of seal making and contacting the seal making for the enterprise;
- Get seal sample registration certificate and company seal (Employees of MKLAW will join the business owner in the Department Planning Investment to carry out the above task).
5. Post-establishment consultancy for foreign companies:
- Draft legal documents for the enterprise;
- Providing relevant legal documents as required;
- Guidance on tax procedures and tax declaration;
- Guide the procedures before operating at the company headquarters.
6. Legal service for application for investment certificate

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