What is an applied artwork?

It is not just a beautiful painting to contemplate or just a shape with a complex structure that serves the academic emotion, Applied art is to bring the essence of art into the application in everyday life.

An applied artwork is a combination of lines, colors, shapes, layouts with useful features that can be attached to a useful object, mass-produced by hand or by machine. like: logo; handicrafts; Forms shown on the product, packaging products.

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You create a product with attractive graphics and shapes or just a unique logo, image or logo, you assert that there can not be any product on the market looks as unique and beautiful as your product. So why do not you sign up for your style and idea to deepen your style in the minds of consumers?

To apply for copyright right now, you just need to bring to Minh Khue Law Firm the following documents:

- File of the work (description, photo of the work ...);

- 03 copy of ID card/passport (if an individual), copy of business registration certificate (organization);
- Specific information about the author: Place of permanent residence, telephone number, email, fax;
- Information relating to the work: The name of the work, whether published or not published, the time of publication.
Minh Khue Law Firm will provide you with the following services:
- Advising on legal issues related to the protection of applied art;
- Preliminary search for the possibility of protection of works of applied art;
- Draft documents for the protection of works;
- Reclaiming your rights when the protected work is infringed;
- Advise you on the types of protection associated with the work.

What will you get after applying for applied artwork copyright?

After applying for an applied art work you will be granted a protection title for your work. And of course, you own it as a "strong charm" against copying, unfair competition in the market, as well as exploit the most effectively the effect it brings. Therefore, the copyright protection applied art work contributes to build and develope the brand and reputation of your business in the eyes of consumers.

Translated from: Tư vấn bảo hộ tác phẩm mỹ thuật ứng dụng

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