Legal consultancy on the field of intellectual property is one of the key legal consultancy services of Minh Khue Law Firm. We provide legal consultancy services in the field of intellectual property for all organizations, individuals and businesses in need. To meet the best and fastest intellectual property law consulting services, please contact directly with the lawyer of the office on 1900.6162 for direct consultation.

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Service for registration of trademark and domain names:

- Look up information related to trademarks;

- Consultancy relating to the registration and use of the mark;
- Registration of protection of trademarks, collective marks and marks of geographical origin;
- Registration for recognition of well-known marks;
- Carry out the procedures for appealing and invalidating the trademark certificate;
- Registration for renewal of the mark;
- Manage trademark applications for enterprises;
- Record changes related to the mark;
- Register and maintain domain name.
Registration of copyright and related rights:
- Look up information related to copyright and related rights;
- Submit an application for copyright and related rights registration;
- Advice on all aspects of copyright law and related rights;
- Negotiating, preparing contracts for the use of copyright and other contracts related to copyright;
- Represents copyright disputes and initiates lawsuits for violations related to copyright.
- Look up information related to industrial designs;
- Consultancy related to the ability to protect the department of industrial designs;
- Registration of industrial designs;
- Carry out the procedures to appeal and cancel the validity of the patent for industrial design;
- Maintain the validity of the industrial design patent;
- Record changes related to industrial designs.
Lawyer services of technology transfer consultancy:
- Consulting, negotiating, preparing and recording technology transfers and licensing agreements related to intellectual property rights;
- Negotiation, preparation and registration of technology transfer contracts;
- Franchise.
Complaints and Appeals Litigation Service on Intellectual Property Rights:
- Consultancy related to violations of intellectual property rights and complaint procedures;
- Representing clients in complaints (administrative procedures, violations related to intellectual property and fraudulent practices);
- Consultancy related to all aspects of intellectual property law and other laws related to intellectual property;
- Represent the court in litigation for denials of protection;
- The high-quality evaluation and intellectual property valuation;
- Unfair competition;
- Commercial Law and Competition Law.
- Look up information related to patents and utility solutions;
- Advice on the ability to register patents and utility solutions;
- Registration of patents and utility solutions;
- Carry out procedures for the opposition, the complaint and the invalidation of the patent;
- Maintain validity of patents and utility solutions;
- Record changes related to patents and utility solutions.

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