1. Bài tập nâng cao tìm lỗi sai trong Tiếng Anh - Ôn thi vào 10 có đáp án

Choose the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the underlined part that needs correcting in each of the following sentences

Exercise 1:

1. Mary was determined to leave (A) the office by (B) 4:30 for catching (C) the early train home (D).

2. I often look into(A) new words in (B) the dictionary whenever (C) I don’t know their (D) meanings.

3. Even(A) on the most careful (B) prepared trip (C), problems will sometimes (D) develop.

4. The existence(A) of many stars in the sky lead (B) us to suspect that there may be (C) life on another (D) planet.

5. It is believed(A) that in the near future (B) robots will be used to doing (C) things such as cooking (D).

6. My father used to give(A) me a good advice (B) whenever (C) I had a problem (D)

7. The teacher asked him why(A) hadn’t he done (B) his homework, but (C) he said nothing (D).

8. Although his family is(A) poor, but (B) he studies (C) very well (D)

9. The package(A) must be wrapped (B) carefully before (C) it is post (D)

10. I am(A) very interesting (B) in problems caused (C) by pollution (D).

Đáp án

1. C (for catching => to catch)

2. A (look into => look up)

3. B (careful => carefully)

4. B (lead => leads)

5. C (be used to doing => be used to do)

6. B (a good advice => good advice)

7. B (hadn’t he done => he hadn't done)

8. B (but => bỏ but)

9. D (is post => is posted)

10. B (interesting => interested)

Exercise 2:

1. Either(A) the doctor or the nurses takes (B) care of changing (C) the patients’ (D) bandages

2. They hardly never(A) go to the beach (B) because of (C) their thickness, do they (D)?

3. Most(A) bacteria has (B) strong cell walls much (C) like those (D) of the plants.

4. The(A) first nation park in (B) the world, calling (C) Yellowstone Park, was established (D) in 1872

5. My father used to giving(A) me some good (B) advice whenever (C) I had a problem (D)

6. All the(A) witnesses said that (B) John was blaming for the (C) accident (D)

7. The doctor advised him(A) to avoid eating (B) fatty foods, having (C) more fresh vegetables and drink much (D) water.

8. One of the most(A) popular holiday (B) in the U.S is (C) Thanksgiving, which is celebrated in (D) November

9. Food prices (A) have risen (B) too (C) rapidly that we have to change our eating habits (D)

10. Do you(A) think two hours are too (B) long to wait for (C) someone (D)?

Đáp án

1. B (takes => take)

2. A (hardly never => bỏ hardly hoặc never)

3. B (has => have))

4. C (calling => called)

5. A (giving => give)

6. B (was blaming for => was to blame for)

7. C (having => have)

8. B (holiday => holidays)

9. B (risen => raised)

10. B (are too => is too)

Exercise 3:

1. My(A) mother still spends (B) 14 hours a day (C) do (D) the housework

2. She asked why (A) did Mathew look (B) so embarrassed (C) when he saw (D) Carole.

3. The girl whom about(A) we are talking (B) used to be (C) a Miss World (D)

4. Newtonian physics accounts(A) from (B) the observation (C) the orbits (D) of the planets and moons

5. Today was such beautiful day (A) that I couldn’t bring myself (B) to complete (C) all my chores (D)

6. We were(A) advised (B) not drinking (C) the water in (D) the bottle

7. Not until (A) I was on my way(B) to the airport that I realized (C) I had left my passport at home (D)

8. If a person really wants(A) to succeed, they (B) must always work (C) hard (D)

9. The number of wild condors, an endangered species of(A) bird, have been (B) increasing steadily (C) because of (D) the work of scientists and environmentalists.

10. The (A) result of (B) that test must (C) be inform (D) before August

Đáp án

1. C (do => doing)

2. B (did Mathew look => Mathew looked)

3. A (whom about => about whom)

4. B (from => for)

5. A (such beautiful day => such a beautiful day)

6. C (drinking => to drink)

7. C (that I realized => did I realize)

8. B (they => he)

9. B (have been => has been)

10. D (be inform => be informed)


2. Một số bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh tìm lỗi sai cơ bản 

Câu 1. Developing new technologies are time-consuming and expensive.

 A. developing

B. technologies

C. are

D. time-consuming

Câu 2. The assumption that smoking has bad effects on our health have been proved.

A. that

B. effects

C. on

D. have been proved

Câu 3. A novel is a story long enough to fill a complete book, in that the characters and events are usually imaginary.

A. long enough

B. complete

C. that

D. imaginary

Câu 4. The leader demanded from his members a serious attitude towards work, good team spirit, and that they work hard.

A. leader

B. his members

C. attitude

D. that they work hard

Câu 5. The earth is the only planet with a large number of oxygen in its atmosphere.

A. the

B. number

C. oxygen

D. its

Câu 6. Not until he got home he realized he had forgotten to give her the present.

A. got

B. he realized

C. her

D. the present

Câu 7. The longer the children waited in the long queue, the more impatiently they became

A. the longer

B. waited

C. the long queue

D. impatiently

Câu 8. Mrs. Stevens, along with her cousins from Canada, are planning to attend the firework display in Da Nang, Vietnam.

A. with

B. her cousins

C. are

D. to attend

Câu 9. If one type of manufacturing expands, it is like that another type will shrink considerably.

A. expands

B. like

C. another

D. considerably

Câu 10. For thousands of years, man has created sweet-smelling substances from wood, herbs and flowers and using them for perfumes or medicine.

A. man

B. sweet-smelling

C. using them

D. or

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3. Một số bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh tìm lỗi sai nâng cao

Câu 1a: Each of the nurses report to the operating room when his or her name is called.

(A) Of the

(B) Report

(C) His or her name

(D) Is called

Câu 1b: The sates school system in England can be divided into two levels of educated: primary and secondary

(A) Be divided

(B) Into

(C) Educated

(D) Secondary

Câu 2a: Ours brains are incredibly agile machines, and it's hard to think of anything they do more efficient than recognize face.

(A) Are

(B) Anything

(C) Efficient

(D) Recognize

Câu 2b: Species like snakes, lizards, coyotes, squirrels, and jack rabbits seems to exist quite happily in the desert.

(A) Like

(B) Seems to

(C) Quite happily

(D) The

Câu 3: The developing of the submarine was hindered by the lack of a power source that could propel an underwater vessel

(A) Developing

(B) The

(C) A power

(D) Could propel

Câu 4: ON the wedding day, the GROOM'S family and relatives GO to the bride’s house BRING gifts wrapped in red papers.

(A) On

(B) Groom’s

(C) Go

(D) Bring

Câu 5: Today, although their status varies from country to country, women in most parts of the world have gained significance legal rights.

(A) Although

(B) Most parts

(C) Gained

(D) Significance

Câu 6: More Asian students than American counterparts agree that a husband is obliged tell his wife where he has been if he comes home late.

(A) Than

(B) Counterparts

(C) Tell

(D) Has been

Câu 7: The Red Cross organizes and leads relief assistance missions after natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, and homelessness.

(A) The Red Cross

(B) organizes and leads

(C) assistance missions

(D) and homelessness

Câu 8: There was a gradual raise in the number of literate males and females in the lowlands.

(A) A gradual

(B) Raise

(C) Literate

(D) The lowlands

Câu 9: A beaver uses its strong front_teeth to cut down trees and peel_off its bark.

(A) Its

(B) Front teeth

(C) Peel off

(D) Its Hiển thị đáp án

Câu 10: The big problem was that we really did not understand what was happened

(A) Problem

(B) That

(C) Did not

(D) Was happened

Câu 11: Practicing his speaking English everyday, his hope was to get a good job in a foreign company.

(A) His

(B) Everyday

(C) His hope

(D) To get

Câu 12: The clerks who are happy to wait for their customer will get promoted soon.

(A) Clerks

(B) Wait for

(C) Customer

(D) Get promoted

Câu 13: It is difficult to write rules that tell exactly when we should apologize, and it is not difficult to learn how to do it

(A) Difficult

(B) That

(C) When

(D) And

Câu 14: The eastern bluebird is considered the most attractive bird native of North America by many bird-watchers.

(A) Bluebird

(B) Considered

(C) Native of

(D) By

Câu 15: The notion that students are not sufficiently involved in their education is one reason for the recently surge of support for undergraduate research

(A) Notion

(B) Are not

(C) Their education

(D) Recently

Câu 16: Not one in one hundred children exposed to the disease are likely to develop symptoms of it.

(A) Not one

(B) Are

(C) Symptoms

(D) It

Câu 17: The office manager insists that his staff use all of their vacation time, but he hardly never takes a vacation himself.

(A) Insists

(B) Use

(C) Their

(D) Hardly never

Câu 18: The freshman failed to follow the advice of her senior that he studied hard and not go out too much.

(A) Freshman

(B) Her

(C) Studied

(D) Not go out

Câu 19: Parks which are found in downtown areas where office workers and store employees can enjoy their lunch hours sitting on the green grass in clean, fresh air.

(A) Which

(B) Employees

(C) Lunch hours sitting

(D) Fresh air

Câu 20: The guide told the tourists that it was a good restaurant specializing in seafood just round the corner from the museum.

(A) The

(B) It was a

(C) Specializing

(D) Just round

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