1. Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 6 có đáp án mới nhất - dạng bài chia thì

1. What time _____________they (get up)_________________? => do/ get up

2. What ____________they (do)________________in the winter? => do/ do

3. Today, we (have)______________English class. => have

4. Her favourite subject (be)__________________English. => is

5. Now, my brother (like)_________________eating bananas. => likes

6. Look! A man (call)_________________you. => is calling

7. Where ___________you (live)____________? I (live)______________in Hai Duong town. => do/ live/ live

8. What he (do) _________________now? He (water)_________________flowers in the garden. => What is he doing now? He is watering flowers in the garden.

9. What _______________she (do)_____________? She (be)______________a teacher. => does/ do/ is

10. Where _________________you (be) from? => are

11. At the moment, my sisters (play)____________volleyball and my brother (play) ________________soccer. => are playing/ is playing

12. Keep silent ! I (listen )____________________to the radio. => am listening

13. ______________ you (play)_________________badminton now? => Are/ playing

14. Everyday, my father (get up)_______________at 5.00 a.m. => gets up

15. Every morning, I (watch)_________________tv at 10.00. => watch

16. Everyday, I (go) __________to school by bike. => go

17. it is 9.00; my family (watch)___________________TV. => is watching

18. In the summer, I usually (go)______________to the park with my friends, and in the spring, we (have) _____________Tet Holiday; I (be)________happy because I always (visit) ______________my grandparents. => go/ have/ am/ visit

19. ____________your father (go)_____________to work by bus? => Does/ go

20. How ___________your sister (go)___________to school? => does/ go

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2. Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 6 có đáp án mới nhất - dạng bài chia động từ

1. ____________________ (David / be) at home this evening? => Is David going to beat home this evening?

2. What ____________________ (the weather / be) like tomorrow? => What is the weather going to be like tomorrow?

3. There’s someone at the door, ____________________ (you / get) it? => There’s someone at the door, are you getting it?

4. How ____________________ (he / get) here? => How does he get here?

5. ____________________ (they / come) tomorrow? => Are they going to come tomorrow?

6. The meeting _________________________ (take) place at 6 p.m. => is going to take

7. I'm afraid I _________________________ (not / be) able to come tomorrow. => am not going to be

8. Because of the train strike, the meeting _______(not / take) place at 9 o'clock. => isn’t going to take

9. According to the weather forecast, it _____________ (not / snow) tomorrow. => isn’t going to snow

10. ____________________ (they / come) tomorrow? => Are they going to come tomorrow?

11. He (teach)_______________English in a big school in town. => He teaches English in a big school in town

12. When ____________________ (you / get) back? => When are you going to get back?

13. What you (listen) ………………………on the radio? => What are you listening on the radio?

14. ___________he (play)__________sports? => Is he playing sports?

15. Everyday she (go)____________to work by bike. => goes

16. When ____________________ (you / get) back? => When are you going to get back?

17. If you lose your job, what ____________________ (you / do)? => If you lose your job, what are you going to do?

18. In your opinion, ____________________ (she / be) a good teacher? => In your opinion, she is going to be a good teacher?

19. What time ____________________ (the sun / set) today? => What time is the sun going to set today?

20. ____________________ (she / get) the job, do you think? => Is she going to get the job, do you think?

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3. Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 6 có đáp án mới nhất - dạng bài điền vào chỗ trống

Câu 1: Điền từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống.

Every Saturday Minh and his family have dinner in a (1) ….. They eat chicken or (2) …… with peas and beans. Sometimes Minh’s mother (3) … fish. Minh also has a big (4) …. Minh’s (5)…… drink is fruit juice, but his father and mother like (6) … They listen to (7) …… while they are having (8) …… dinner.

A. Put the suitable word in each blank:

1. A. bakery B. restaurant C. supermarket D. drug store
2. A. juice B. lemon C. beef D. orange
3. A. eats B. has C. gets D. goes
4. A. ice-cream B. milk C. noodle D. meat
5. A. good B. fine C. well D. favorite
6. A. fruit B. orange C. beer D. lemon
7. A. music B. television C. a game D. swimming
8. A. his B. their C. our D. his

B. Answer the questions:

1. Where do Minh and his family have dinner every Saturday?

=> Yes, he is

2. Do they eat meat? What kind?

=> No, he isn’t.

3. What vegetables do they eat?

=> Yes, it is

4. What is Minh’s favorite drink?

=> Hoang studies at school in the morning

5. What do his parents like to drink?

=> He plays football in the afternoon

6. What do they listen to at the restaurant?

=> Yes, he does

Câu 2: 

Khoa and Luan go to (1) …………… five days a week. Their classes (2) ………….. at 7a.m every day. On the (3) ………………. they often go to the zoo. They (4) ………………go to school on Sundays because their school closes then. Sometimes they have a (5) ……………… at the park. They also like walking or (6) ……………….. in the park.

A. Put the suitable word in each blank:

1. A. the movies B. the park C. school D. hospital
2. A. end B. start C. close D. finish
3. A. weekend B. Monday C. days D. years
4. A. usually B. always C. often D. don’t
5. A. sailing B. fishing C. swimming D. picnic
6. A. swimming B. jogging C. watching D. listening

B. Answer the questions:

1. How many days a week do Khoa and Luan go to school?

=> They go to school five days a week

2. What time do their classes start?

=> Their classes start at 7a.m every day

3. Where do they often go on the weekend?

=> They often go to the zoo on the weekend

4. Do they go to school on Sundays? Why or why not?

=> No, they don’t. Because their school closes then

5. What do they like doing in the park?

=> They like walking and jogging in the park


4. Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 6 có đáp án mới nhất - dạng bài đọc đoạn văn và trả lời câu hỏi

Câu 1: 


I live in a house near the sea. It’s an old house, about 100 years old, and it’s very small. There two bedrooms, a livingroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. The bedrooms are upstairs. The bathroom is next to the kitchen. There is a lovely fireplace in the livingroom. There’s a beautiful garden in front of the house. I live with my parents. I play badminton with my father in my free time. We have a lot of fun. I love my house very much.

1. Where is his house?

=> There are five people in his family

2. Is it old?

=> He’s 40 years old

3. How many rooms are there is his house?

=> He’s a doctor

4. Is there a garden?

=> She’s 35 years old

5. Where is the fireplace?

=> She’s a doctor

6. Who does he live with?

=> He is 10 years old

7. What does he do in his free time?

=> She is 7 years old

8. Does he love his house?

=> They are pupils

Câu 2: 

A robot is a machine. But it is not just any machine. It is a special kind of machine. It is a machine that moves. It follows instructions. The instructions come from a computer. Because it is a machine, it does not make mistakes. And it does not get tired. And it never complains. Unless you tell it to!

Robots are all around us. Some robots are used to make things. For example, robots can help make cars. Some robots are used to explore dangerous places. For example, robots can help explore volcanoes. Some robots are used to clean things. These robots can help vacuum your house. Some robots can even recognize words. They can be used to help answer telephone calls. Some robots look like humans. But most robots do not. Most robots just look like machines.

Long ago, people imagined robots. But nobody was able to make a real robot. The gist real robot was made in 1961. It was called Unimate. It was used to help make cars. It looked like a giant arm.

In the future, we will have even more robots. They will do things that we can’t do. Or they will do things that we don’t want to do. Or they will do things that are too dangerous for us. They will help make life better.

1. As used in paragraph 1, we can understand that something special is NOT ________.

A. normal

B. expensive

C. perfect

D. tired

2. According to the author, robots cannot be used to ________.

A. explore volcanoes

B. make cars

C. clean your house

D. do the gardening

3. What is the main purpose of paragraph 2?

A. to show how easy it is to make a robot

B. to tell what a robot is

C. to describe the things a robot can do

D. to explain the difference between a robot and a machine

4. Which of these gives the best use of a robot?

A. to help make a sandwich

B. to help tie shoes

C. to help read a book

D. to help explore Mars

5. How does the author feel about robots?

A. Robots are useless.

B. Robots are helpful.

C. Robots are confusing.

D. Robots are dangerous.

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